The Truth About Gender That Has Liberals Throwing Temper Tantrums

Elizabeth Warren Wraps Herself in “Science”; INSTANTLY Backfires
by Calvin Freiburger

Out of all the Left’s many self-serving lies, one of the most insufferable is their claim to be paragons of science, that all of their positions are simply the natural result of following facts wherever they might lead, and that their political enemies prop up conservative ideas by mindlessly rejecting evidence that everyone else agrees is settled.

The latest leftist to peddle this fantasy is Massachusetts Democrat Senator and noted Native American impersonator Elizabeth Warren, who tweeted the following on Thursday in response to President Donald Trump’s recent tweet mocking the perennial left-wing boogeyman of global warming:

I’m going to say something really crazy: I believe in science. Climate change is real and we have a moral obligation to protect this Earth for our children and grandchildren.

For the record, whether “climate change is real” is not the question. The question is whether human activity influences it to any meaningful or controllable degree. As TFPP has covered in the past, there have been far more studies casting doubt on that thesis than the mainstream media would have you believe, and the endlessly-repeated statistic that 97% of scientists agree that human activity contributes to dangerous climate change is a lie.

So right off the bat, Warren is posturing on behalf of a cause where the science doesn’t actually match what she’s using it for. That would be bad enough, but as IJR reports, that was only the beginning of the fun Twitter conservatives had challenging the sincerity and consistency of her “belie[f] in science”:

Warren’s phony ancestry claims, abortion defenders’ denial of the actual settled science of embryology, the biological truth of sex and gender identity … they seem to have covered the greatest hits of the Left’s own knuckle-dragging.

Unfortunately, as satisfying as it is to see an arrogant demagogue like Warren shredded on social media, the mainstream media will continue to give her a complete pass — as will her Republican colleagues in the Senate.