TRUTH: Why Liberals Are Far WEAKER Than Conservatives


Kimberly Morin observes that across the country, even after Donald Trump has been in office for more than 100 days and hasn’t taken anyone’s rights away, the Trump Derangement Syndrome has persisted.

What is Trump Derangement Syndrome? You’ve probably seen it if you know anyone who supported Hillary Clinton. The symptoms include knitting pink p*ssy hats; speaking in shrill tones; making claims that Trump is going to take women’s rights away but being unable to identify which ones; boycotting sanity; holding rallies to protest Trump but not being able to explain exactly why; and needing to up mental health medication because they amount already being taken isn’t enough. There are other takes on it as well. From IJR:

A December 2016 Los Angeles Times op-ed listed the “first stage” of TDS as being a time period when “victims lose all sense of proportion.” The mid-level stages consist of hyperbole filling the victim’s vocabulary, which then leads into the being unable “to distinguish fantasy from reality.”

In the advanced stages of TDS, “opinion is unmoored from fact” and life becomes a sort of “dark fairy tale” in which Trump is basically akin to the most evil of the evil while those who “resist” him are “heroes.”

Hashtags. There is literally a hashtag devoted to Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Here are just a few of the tweets:

Even elected representatives have it:

It wouldn’t be fair, of course, if we didn’t show some of the absolute lunacy from the “resist” hashtags. Of course, the left has no clue what they are really resisting. Apparently these morons don’t understand these are all tenets of the left:

Obama was a pathological liar, but that was okay because…Democrat.

Or perhaps the lunatics over on “The Resistance” hashtags:

They have been so incredibly dumbed down by the Democrat Party that they can’t even get past the fact that it was Hillary Clinton and progressivism that lost the election:

I bet this little pajama boy didn’t complain about Obama’s wars:

The piece de resistance (pun intended) is this map of Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is not only hilarious but actually quite true.

It doesn’t matter who won the election, these smooth-brained hypocrites would have tried to resist no matter which Republican beat Clinton. Neither they nor their party can handle that they no longer have control. The behavior of the Democrat Party has been despicable, hypocritical, and outrageous. Had any Republican behaved towards Obama the way Democrats are towards Trump, the left would have called for him or her to be lynched in front of the Capitol Building.

What’s worse is Democrats are perpetuating this childish, petulant behavior rather than trying to fix why they lost so handily. The left is so psychological screwed up in their heads that they can’t step into reality even for a moment – not even to save their own selves and party.

And it’s actually gloriously entertaining.