Tutorial: How To Be Sure To Continue Seeing Our Content On Facebook

Tutorial Time

With Facebook slated to make changes to how news stories appear on your feed, we at The Federalist Papers felt it might be helpful if we provided you with a tutorial on how to ensure you keep seeing our latest breaking stories.

Step 1: Like Our Page

First, you need to visit our page on Facebook here and then click on the “Like” button:

Like Our Page

Step 2: Open “Like” Menu

Next, hover your mouse over the downward-facing arrow to the right of “Liked”:

Hover Mouse

Step 3: Select “See First”

Last, select the “See First” option on the menu:

See First


According to Facebook, the “See First” option adds priority to a page, ensuring that the page’s stories keep showing up on your feed.

Why is this necessary? Because frankly, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suffers from a major “Big Brother” complex. Instead of allowing us to manage our own news feeds, he feels compelled to keep adjusting our feeds so as to make them allegedly “better.”

Except that his algorithm adjustments only make them worse …

Thankfully, Mark “Big Brother” Zuckerberg at least allows us simple peasants to prioritize certain Facebook pages.

As your humble correspondents here at The Federalist Papers, we hope you choose to prioritize us.