The Tweet Everyone Is Talking About Right Now

Kimberly Morin reports Black Lives Matter likes to believe they represent all black people in the country, but that’s hardly the case.

BLM represents the extreme left of the Democrat Party. A new poll proves that these people aren’t representative of the black community. From The Daily Caller:

Most black Americans do not think Confederate monuments should be removed because they are offensive, a Marist poll released Thursday found.

Those surveyed were asked whether statues “honoring leaders of the Confederacy” should “remain as a historical symbol” or “be removed because they are offensive to some people,” or whether the respondent is unsure. NPR and PBS News Hour conducted the Marist poll Monday and Tuesday, following a weekend of violent protests sparked by the subject in Charlottesville, Va.

The reality is a majority of Americans want the statues to remain for historical significance:

It’s only the left that is trying to destroy their own party’s history. They are, after all, the party of racism and hatred through the years — as they continue to be to this day.

It’s unfortunate they allow extremists to set the narrative.

There is even a group of black activists who want the statues to stay in order to preserve history and act as reminders of the past. From The Washington Times:

A group comprised mostly of black activists dedicated to preserving American history is calling for Confederate monuments and statues to be preserved as reminders and lessons of the darker side of the country’s past.

Sandra Crenshaw, a former Dallas City Council member, teamed up with the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West and Sons of Confederate Veterans to oppose the creation of a task force charged with removing Confederate monuments from the city’s public spaces.

She said the statues serve as a reminder of an important part of American history and that removing them won’t solve any of the real problems facing the country.

In Jacksonville, Florida, City Council President Anna Brosche said she would introduce legislation to relocate Confederate monuments on public land to museums.

“It is important that we never forget the history of our great city; and these monuments, memorials and markers represent a time in our history that caused pain to so many,” Ms. Brosche said in a statement on Monday.

If the left really, truly wants to erase all signs of slavery and racism from the past, they should start with the Democrat Party. After all, it was the Democrat Party who spent decades trying to keep black people down.

Of course, Democrats don’t want to talk about that major part of their party’s history. That would mean they have to admit the truth.

The reality is that people from all walks of life in the United States understand the history of the country and want to remember how far we’ve come from some of the darker points of the past. It’s only race-baiters like Al Sharpton who make money off of continuing the racial divide in this country, along with Democrats, who want to keep that divide going rather than unite all Americans.