Twitter Censoring Entire Accounts Based Off Of ‘Sensitive Content,’ Drudge Was One of Them

Twitter has been known to be rather hostile to conservatives on their domain. While Leftists have been able to roam about freely posting whatever hate they so desire, anything conservatives post that is remotely close to what they say could be subject to a suspension.

Lo and behold, it appears that Twitter may be taking their censorship measures one step further, and is now testing advance warnings on certain people’s profiles regarding what they deem ‘sensitive content.’

This was first noticed yesterday, and first reported on Mashable. Their reporter went to a profile for Justin Warren, but the account was flagged and the reporter could not figure out why.

The account had this message when the page first loaded:

j warren

Granted, Warren admitted that he often uses swear words as ‘punctuation,’ but he was not the only one flagged.

I experienced this myself on Thursday, March 9. I asked several other staff members if they had the same issue, but they did not. (Hence, the reason why we are reporting on this today, rather than yesterday).

And who was it that I saw this message for? The Drudge Report.

Here’s what happened. I went to Drudge’s Twitter profile and suddenly got this prompt:

drudge censor

I went to check my content settings, but nothing for sensitive content was marked. Nonetheless, I got the same prompt over and over again when going to Drudge’s page.

drudge censor 2

As of today, March 10, I have not had that issue with Drudge. Perhaps it was because I clicked “Yes, view profile” enough times to the point where they got the message.

Now, some people’s profiles, those who use a lot of derogatory language, maybe it is reasonable to place that kind of a warning. But for the Drudge Report?

What’s up with that?