U.N. Blackmails Israel: ‘Cut Off The Jews!’

The UN Human Rights Commission – long a stalwart of anti-Semitism – is trying to blackmail companies into stopping all business in Israel’s “disputed” areas, lest they face a designation as an international human rights abuser.

Their latest target is Israeli telecommunications firm Bezeq, which was sent a letter by the commission accusing them of promoting settlement activity by providing cellphone service in areas that the council claims are Palestinian Territory, The Washington Free Beacon is reporting.

The UNHRC is trying to create a database of companies working within and with Israel in an attempt to blackmail them into not doing business with the Jewish state at all. It’s all part of the global leftist-led “Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions” movement. BDS has been described by US and other officials as inherently anti-Semitic.

Many companies have received letters like this – Bezeq is just the latest.

The UNHRC sent a letter to Bezeq in late September accusing it of “supporting the maintenance and existence of settlements, as well as the “use of nature resources, in particular water and land, for business purposes,” according to a copy of that letter that first circulated on Facebook.

The UNHRC threatens to add Bezeq to its database of companies operating in what it claims are Israeli settlements and the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Bezeq owns approximately 40 real estate properties in the West Bank used for telecommunications infrastructure, and operates antennas throughout the West Bank,” the UNHRC wrote in its letter.”

“Bezeq provides landline, cellular, internet, and cable TV services to residents of settlements in the West Bank,” according to the UNHRC, which considers this activity a violation of its accords.

The membership of the Human Rights Commission includes known human rights abusers, such as Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, China, Venezuela, and Cuba.

The United States – also a member of the commission – criticized the creation of a database and said America is not playing along.

“We have made clear our opposition regarding the creation of a database of businesses operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, and we have not participated and will not participate in its creation or contribute to its content,” one official said.

This all came to light when Bezeq’s CEO, Stella Handler, decided not to play along, instead posting the letter and an open response to the UNHRC. She called the process “nothing more than anti-Israel propaganda.”

“Bezeq will continue to protect the rights of all our customers without discrimination. We will continue to provide service to all Israeli citizens without respect to religion, race or gender and we respect their right to choose to live in any part of this land – be it Raanana, Jerusalem, Ariel, Sakhnin or Ma’aleh Adumim.”

Responding to the letter, Handler cited UNHRC statistics vis-à-vis Israel, saying that more than half of the Council’s resolutions since being formed have denounced Israel.

“Since the Council was formed in 2006, 68 decisions have been published denouncing Israel…not North Korea, not Syria, not Sudan, not Yemen. No other country has gotten this sort of attention from the Human Rights Council. The [council’s] anti-Israel bias is so blatant that it has lost any relevance in the world,” Handler wrote.