UC Berkeley Launches a “Cry Map;” Wait Until You See Why!

In 2017, it has become impossible to parody the American Left, or at least extraordinarily difficult. Their real-world antics, undertaken without the slightest hint of irony or self-awareness, are every bit as cartoonish and self-defeating as anything Paul Shanklin, Dennis Miller, or the Onion’s writers could possibly dream up.

The latest example: “Where We Cry,” an interactive map put together by the University of California Berkeley’s “Daily Californian” student newspaper. The purpose is exactly what it sounds like: identifying all the locations on campus where students have turned on the waterworks for any given reason. And it’s already got a whopping 360 submitted stories for inclusion on the map.

I kid you not.

The paper’s Avni Prasad and Emily Zhong write:

If you’re comfortable, tell us about a time you cried and where it happened, be it a hidden corner in Dwinelle Hall or the middle of Memorial Glade. Also include why you were crying, whether you were happy or sad. Reviewed submissions will be added to the map.

Content warning: Some of the stories below deal with themes of depression and suicide. For those seeking help, we have provided resources at the bottom of this page.

Billed as a mental health exercise, it should be acknowledged that a number of the stories are about genuine personal trauma, students crying due to the deaths of loved ones, experiences with violence, or bouts of suicidal temptation or emotional and psychological issues. Highlighting such stories is perfectly legitimate, and if the paper can help other students dealing with similar challenges, more power to them.

However, others deal with more ordinary emotions of college life, such as stress over tests and due dates and such. That’s all well and good, but why does it rise to the level of a mental health issue?

And of course, the Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reports, the project includes more than a few stories of snowflakes who burst into tears for no other reason than that they got #triggered by the usual roundup of political “aggressions” these snowflakes have been brainwashed into seeing as the Root of All Evil and quite possibly the End of the World:

For example:

“Trump won.”


“walking to class the day after the election”


“I had just come out of Asian American Studies R2A, which I was taking over summer. The class was the first time I had dealt with so many issues regarding my identity, specifically coming to terms with my non-heterosexualness. One day, discussion was open to reflecting upon our identities. It was the first time I had talked about my sexuality in such a serious manner, and I bawled my eyes out.”


“Existential crisis about where I fit into the world and this intense political culture we are currently in. Right before I took a midterms of course.”

Another student cried during a “trauma poem.” Several students were triggered into “PTSD” by readings, assignments, professors, and misogyny.

That’s funny; I was a student at Hillsdale College, one of America’s few remaining conservative colleges rooted in the American Founding, back when Barack Obama was elected to his first term. There was plenty of disappointment, frustration, concern, and anger, but I don’t remember any nervous breakdowns. Are right-wing young people just made of sterner stuff than young lefties?

Alas, as satisfying as it might be to mock the pathetic helplessness and cluelessness of these clowns, there’s nothing funny about the fact that they can vote, and many of them will, in just a matter of time, be having their own children and molding them to be every bit as detached from reality.