UGH: Look What Happened After Trump Tightened Border Security

While many support President Donald Trump’s proposal to erect a wall along the southern border to stop illegal immigration, it should be kept in mind that such a wall would reportedly have little impact on the use of underground tunnels.

According to old U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement documents accessed by The Daily Caller, “Illegal tunneling activity on the southwest border of the United States represents a significant and persistent threat to border security and will likely remain so in the near future.”

Though reportedly seven years old, this report — available for review here — offers an abundance of value:

The rise in illegal tunneling is likely a response to increasingly heightened border security. Tunnel activity has been on the rise since the first reported discovery in 1990, though the trend has accelerated since 2006. The first tunnels discovered were sophisticated, traveling long distances and often containing electricity, ventilation, and lighting. In the late 1990s, the use of interconnecting tunnels, which took advantage of subterranean infrastructure to covertly
approach and circumvent border security, spiked. Currently, both sophisticated and interconnecting tunnels arc prevalent. In addition, although tunneling attempts have risen dramatically in the past four years, many of these tunnels were interdicted prior to completion.

If illegal tunneling was a problem then, it has likely only become a bigger problem since then. A report from Fox News published three months ago confirmed this: “A plan by the United States and Mexico to shut down tunnels that the cartels used along borders for smuggling is failing as criminals have found ways to carve them out again.”

The plan failed for two primary reasons: first, the Mexican government refused to seal the tunnels on their side, making it easier for illegals and smugglers to re-tunnel back into the U.S. Second, no matter how many times officials destroy tunnels, new ones will always pop back up.

Does this mean that Trump should just give up on building a wall and trying to destroy tunnels? Absolutely not. It just means that more must be done, and Mexico must be convinced (or forced) into assisting U.S. officials with keeping illegals and smugglers out.

“It would be nice to have full cooperation from the Mexican government,” said Ira Mehlman, spokesman for Federation for American Immigration Reform. “If they can’t completely fill the tunnels, then maybe they could adequately police them.”


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Liberals will, of course, point to this tunneling and say, “See, it’s pointless to build a wall!”

However, that’s a phony argument equivalent to saying it’s pointless to invest in a home security system because you might still get robbed anyway.

The bottom line is that truly securing the border will require a multifaceted effort that involves more than just constructing a wall. We will need border drones, border patrols, and, most importantly, the assistance of Mexican officials.

All of this, and more, is needed to stop illegal immigrants and drug smugglers from trespassing into the United States — and even then, some will still make it across. But if we don’t even try, which is what liberals want, then ALL of them will make it across.