Underground Network Forming to HIDE Illegals


An underground network is reportedly forming to aid and abet the criminal activity of illegal immigrants. Networks are being set up to thwart law enforcement and figuratively spit in the face of this country’s laws, as well as all those who follow them — particularly those who came here legally.

CNN reported about a home being set up to be a part of this criminal network:

But this home Pastor Ada Valiente is showing off in Los Angeles, with its refurbished floors, is no ordinary home.

“It would be three families we host here,” Valiente says.

By “host,” she means provide refuge to people who may be sought by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE. The families staying here would be undocumented immigrants, fearing an ICE raid and possible deportation.

The purchase of this home is part of a network formed by Los Angeles religious leaders across faiths in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. The intent is to shelter hundreds, possibly thousands of undocumented people in safe houses across Southern California.

The goal is to offer another sanctuary beyond religious buildings or schools, ones that require federal authorities to obtain warrants before entering the homes.

“That’s what we need to do as a community to keep families together,” Valiente said.

Really? How about those American families who have lost their family members at the hands of illegal immigrants? I guess they don’t care about those families …

This crime network calls itself the Rapid Response Team.

There’s a lot of talk throughout the article about keeping families together, with all the concern placed on those who broke our laws and none on those that have been hurt by illegal immigration — which really is all of us since it chips away at — or better yet, nearly decimates — the foundation of law and order in this nation.

“The God that I worship sent a person to earth in the name of Jesus who did not always get along with the authorities,” Reverend Zach Hoover, executive director of the interfaith community organization LA Voice, said. “I feel really convicted that I answer to God at the end of the day. That’s who I’m going to see when I die.”

I guess he forgot Mark 12:17.

And Jesus answering said unto them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him.

“He [Trump] needs to make immigration laws that work for our families,” Valiente said.

No, Trump needs to do what he’s doing right now — enforce the laws on the books. The problem for American families is that for too long, the families she and others are trying to shield have been allowed to stay here and break our laws.

Their families are being split up because of their own choice to break the law, and if a law needs to be changed, it’s the anchor baby law that absurdly made their children legal citizens.

That needs to be changed and if anything, that should be pointed to as the law that doesn’t work.

Still, if illegal immigrants don’t want their families broken up, feel free to take them with you. We shouldn’t reward criminal behavior because of a sob story while ignoring the stories of those harmed by their illegal actions.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, spoke about these networks.

“They’re committing a felony. Harboring is a felony,” Krikorian said. “Regular folks hiding people in a basement face jail time because it is ultimately a smuggling conspiracy.”