Unreal: Durbin Blames JEFF SESSIONS for Chicago’s Shooting Epidemic

Democrats’ ability to deflect responsibility for their own failures seems to know no limits for plausibility or decency, which almost makes it kind of a sick superpower.

For example, Mediaite reports that during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrat Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois attacked Sessions on the Trump Administration’s position that federal aid should be withheld from localities that choose to flout federal immigration law.

During his sniping, Durbin made the truly astounding claim that by punishing Chicago for lawbreaking, Sessions and the White House would be partly to blame for the Windy City’s continuing gun violence epidemic, in which 3,000 residents have been shot and injured so far in 2017:

“We would like to see that improved. I think the politicians cannot say that if you remove a violent criminal from America that’s illegally in the country and is arrested by the Chicago police and put in the Chicago jail that once they are released they shouldn’t be turned over to ICE officers to be removed from the country,” said Sessions.

Durbin came back at Sessions by claiming federal policies are putting the city in a bind, accusing the him of both slashing federal funding while also criticizing Chicago officials over the city’s violent crime. “You want to cut off federal funds and criticize the murder rate,” said Durbin.

“You want to cut back these funds because you want the city of Chicago to play the role of immigration police on federal, civil laws,” Durbin continued. “Mr. Attorney General: you’re not helping us solve the murder problem in the city of Chicago by taking away these federal funds.”

Good lord, where to begin? Perhaps with the questions that every Republican in the room should have hammered Durbin with in response.

Is it really your contention, Senator, that a city’s leaders can’t be expected to fulfill their most basic responsibilities to protect their people without a handout from the feds?

If you’re really concerned about those 3,000 shootings and sincerely believe that federal aid money is the key to stopping it, then why do you insist on continuing to break the law keeping it from you? Does amnesty for illegal immigrants matter more to you than the lives of Chicagoans?

Chicago’s horrendous crime rate is nothing new. If federal aid money is the key to cracking it, then why hasn’t it done so already?

Do you think Chicago’s violence just might have something to do with the abject failure of Illinois’ gun control laws which you refuse to reconsider?

Regardless of whether you like federal immigration law, the fact remains that for the time being, it is the law. Who are you to pick and choose which laws to follow and which to break? Would you extend the same courtesy you demand for yourself to a state that refused to comply with Obamacare? And if you think it’s outrageous for the feds to deny federal aid money to lawbreaking localities, what consequence for criminality would you prefer instead? Would it be better if the Justice Department filed criminal charges against Rahm Emanuel?

Shamefully, don’t expect anyone to answer — or ask — any of these questions in the halls of the United States Senate anytime soon.