URGENT: Massive Manhunt For ‘Jack the Ripper’ Copycat

The body parts of a murdered woman in Hamburg, Germany have been discovered in multiple locations over the past week.

The victim, identified only as “Lucy” by police had immigrated to Germany and was a prostitute.

The savage disfiguring of her body and her position as a sex worker have caused some concern that her murderer is a Jack the Ripper copycat.

The infamous English serial killer, Jack the Ripper, shocked Londoners in the 1880’s with the grisly disfigurement of his victims, all prostitutes.

Incidentally, Jack the Ripper’s first victim was also discovered in August.

All That is Interesting reports:

A passerby spotted the first body part last week along the Elbe River. The next — the torso — was found on Monday night.

Police have identified the victim as “Lucy” to local media outlets, according to The Local.

They’ve now found seven body parts distributed as far as 12 miles apart from each other. DNA tests have confirmed that they all belonged to the same 48-year-old woman.

It appears the murderer chopped her to pieces and dumped them in various waterways.

Lucy was first reported missing on August 1st. She was a citizen of Equatorial Guinea and lived in Spain before coming to work as a sex worker in Germany, where the profession is legal.

Jack the Ripper was never caught, but we may know who he was. We reported on one man’s diary confession here.

Although police currently have no big leads, with any luck, “Lucy’s” killer won’t evade capture as “Jack” did and will soon be brought to justice for this tragic and perverse murder.