US Diplomats Under Attack? ‘Symptoms’ after ‘Incidents’ in Cuba Spark Fears

In an extremely disturbing story, the Washington Free Beacon reports that a number of American diplomats in Cuba report experiencing unspecified “physical symptoms” following also-unspecified “incidents.”

This revelation comes courtesy of a spokesman for the US State Department, who did not elaborate further except to note that the United States has reminded the Communist regime that the Vienna Convention gives it an obligation to protect foreign diplomats on its soil.

Whatever the incidents were, apparently the matter is serious enough that the FBI is currently investigating. And although we’re just learning of this now, apparently this is not a new development — “The U.S. responded by asking two Cuban officials in the U.S. to leave the country on May 23,” according to the Free Beacon.

The Associated Press has more:

One official said the first incident occurred late last year and continued, prompting the Americans to depart the island and the department to act against the Cuban diplomats in the U.S. The officials said the Cubans left the U.S. but would not say when. Neither official was authorized to speak publicly to the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity […]

The officials said the Cuban government had assured the U.S. that it is investigating and will take appropriate measures.

Harassment of U.S. diplomats in Cuba is not uncommon and dates to the restoration of limited ties with the communist government in the 1970s.

What do you think happened here? An attack, and if so, who is responsible? Whatever the truth, TFPP will continue to monitor this story and bring you the latest developments as it unfolds.