US Government Charges All Olympic Medal Winners ‘Victory Tax’

Phelps, Michael US Olympics

American Olympians dedicate their entire lives to relentlessly training around the clock, spending thousands on coaching, trainers and  doctors to represent the nation the United States on the world stage.

After a successful and hard fought victory, those who go on to win medals and bring glory to the USA are in for a devastating surprise from the federal government when they return home.

The U.S. awards these athletes with a fat victory tax.

From Western Journalism:

Many of America’s athletes who win Olympic gold, thus receiving a $25,000 check from the U.S. Olympic Committee, will be required to pay more than a third of that straight to the Internal Revenue Service.

For example, swimmer Michael Phelps has won three gold medals, and would be scheduled to receive $75,000.

However, since he is most likely in the top tax bracket, the IRS will claim 39.6 percent of his winnings, or about $29,000.

The so-called “victory tax” has been opposed in Congress, but so far the bill to make Olympic prizes tax free has not passed Congress.

That’s why they call it THE IRS, because they believe all the money is THEIRS.

The least we can do in return for these athletes’ commitment and patriotism is to allow them to keep what they’ve earned during the Olympic Games.

But our government always has to get “their” share of our hard work.

According to Obama and Hillary’s rationale, the athletes didn’t earn that success. America did.

They did not earn their medals!

The government earned them as they provided the roads and infrastructure. They didn’t build that pool, that gym or the athletic field, some blue collar Joe or Jill did, so they’re damn lucky they can keep as much as we’re letting them.

It’s a sad state when the IRS goes after American heroes, but lets Al Sharpton walk free for years owing millions. That’s the liberal way.

After all the government does have to accommodate and subsidize illegals and Syrian refugees, the money has to come from somewhere.

The left is slowly draining our country’s culture and resources.