VA Money Spent on Workers Who ONLY Do Union Work

The Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the worst federal government departments in the history of the country. Not only are they over bloated and wasteful but they literally neglect the medical care of veterans who have served the United States.

Report. Once again, another story has come out thanks to the Government Accountability Office (GOA) but even they can’t figure out what exactly 346 workers are doing who are being paid by taxpayers. From The Washington Examiner:

An estimated 346 employees in the Department of Veterans Affairs do no actual work for taxpayers. Instead, they spend all of their time doing work on behalf of their union while drawing a federal salary, a practice known as “official time.”

That’s according to a report by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office. But exactly what those VA workers are doing and why so many are doing it is not clear. The VA doesn’t track that, and the GAO report offers no clue.

Union hacks. It’s often written into union contracts that union leaders are able to take time off to conduct union work. However, in this case it appears these workers aren’t doing any work at all for veterans. They are only doing work for unions. They are being paid using taxpayer dollars to do nothing for taxpayers. From The Washington Examiner:

“The lack of accountability at the VA when it comes to monitoring official time suggests it might be worse,” said Arrington, who has introduced legislation that would require the department to track the use of official time, among other reforms.

Pointing to the waiting list scandals at the department, Arrington said the official time situation is reflective of the “broken culture at the heart of the VA” and adds, “I haven’t heard one good, acceptable reason why the practice has continued.”

Why this matters? Not only are veterans suffering from lack of care thanks to poor service from the V.A. but no one can seem to even keep track of what the hell is going on:

“Employees spent approximately 1,057,00 hours on official time for union representation activities … In addition, the data show that 346 employees spent 100 percent of their time on official time,” the GAO found in a January report.

It is possible that even those figures are conservative. The GAO said the said the VA’s poor monitoring meant the data was “inconsistent and not reliable.”

This is disgusting and shouldn’t be allowed in any publicly-funded agency. If you want to be a union leader, do it on your own time and have the union reimburse you.

This is yet another valid reason why public sector unions should not exist. There is no accountability. They do whatever they want on the taxpayer dime, and politicians they buy into office don’t hold them to any standards.