VA Watchdog Promises to Stop Lying to Congress; Does This IMMEDIATELY…


After scandal and corruption have plagued the department of Veteran Affairs, “watchdogs” were put in place to make sure voiceless veterans did not fall victim to a monstrous bureaucracy.

But if people like Laura Eskenazi are considered watchdogs for the VA, someone should be watching her.

Because her behavior can be summed up in one word….woof.

According to The Daily Caller:

One week after promising to keep Congress and the public “fully and currently” informed, the Inspector General (IG) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) rewrote a report to remove evidence that a senior VA executive tried to steer a massive government contract to her husband’s employer.

Laura Eskenazi, then-vice chairman of the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA), “misused her public office” by plotting with her husband Jonathan to develop a plan that could lead to a major financial “opportunity” for CACI, a government contractor that employed him. Eskenazi then sought to cover it up with “dubious” claims, according to a 49-page draft version of the IG report that was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group (TheDCNF).

But the version given Congress and the public was only 10 pages discussing an unrelated and less serious rumor about Eskenazi, which the IG said it “did not substantiate.” Nothing was said in the final version about the contracting issue.

It looks like Congress will now have to keep an eye out for excessive wait lists and greedy bureaucrats lining their pockets with hefty government contracts.

Nothing says thanks for your service! like the VA’s top officials covering up their own greedy conspiracies.