Vandals Who Ripped Down Confederate Statue Learn Their Fate…It’s BAD

A few months ago, protesters tore down a Confederate statue in Durham, South Carolina.

Here is a video of the incident…of frontier justice against statues. Of mob rule. Of “classy”, “smart” protesters pulling down a statue and then “kicking” the statue. Well, as much as snowflakes can kick. They likely bruised their toes.

What is worse than these individuals tearing down this status and giving said statue the finger? Assaulting it in public? They weren’t punished.

Nope. No charges. No problems. No consequences.

Laws? Order? What the heck is that?

Do what you’d like in the name of progressive liberals.

According to ABC News:

The charges brought against three people accused of tearing down a Confederate statue outside the old courthouse in downtown Durham have been dropped.

Officials said the two felony and three misdemeanor charges against Zan Caldwell, Taylor Cook, and Myles Spignor have been dismissed by the prosecutor.

“While this is a small step forward in this particular iteration of the fight against white supremacy, we must remember that we cannot trust the system to change that which it upholds,” supporters said in a news release.

“This was merely representative of a lack of evidence, not an acquiescence of power and certainly not an admission of guilt. We must continue to fight until the remaining 12 walk free until no Confederate statues remain until all institutions of white supremacy have been abolished. We say ‘Topple Racism – from Durham to the White House!’”

Again, I ask, as I usually do “What in the world is going on?”

“Have people lost their minds?”

You tear down a statue in broad daylight–a statue which probably cost the city thousands of dollars–because you claim you will not tolerate racism, white supremacy.

Well, I don’t exactly tolerate those who violate the law, who walk through the city and vandalize, obstruct city property because they don’t like it. And the safety hazards! Geezums. Can you imagine if a snowflake was standing under that statue?

And what does the prosecutor do? Take the low road–drops the charges.

Because they don’t want to be considered racist, white supremacist, hard on that crime but not others.

I am so tired of people tip-toeing around snowflakes to be politically correct. Political correctness is not part of law; if anything, it’s lawlessness.

There is no appeasing mob rule but there is certainly a way to ENCOURAGE mob rule–and that is by doing nothing.

You see them act in a dangerous and damaging manner and you just let them get away with it. How unstable and dangerous must our society become until the prosecutor will press charges?

What happens when protesters believe certain churches are offensive? If they don’t condone certain ways of life? Is it OK to tear down their cross? Burn their building doors?

When does this end?

It sets a dangerous precedent. Conservatives aren’t allowed to mumble a word without being chastised for their lack of gender neutrality or political correctness while crazy activists can tear down statues and burn down things they hate!

I’m not going crazy, right? THIS is just crazy. Please, let me know.