Vandals do The UNTHINKABLE to a Trump Supporting Veteran


A Trump supporting veteran’s home — with the U.S, POW, and Navy flags raised outside — was attacked Tuesday. The family’s home was set on fire, vandalized and covered with obscene, racist, anti-Trump graffiti.

WFTS-TV reported:

The State Fire Marshall is investigating a suspicious fire at a Plant City home that started early Tuesday morning.

Naval veteran Matthew Smith said he got the call just after 3 a.m. from his neighbor that fire trucks were across the street.

“Your heart kind of just sinks in your chest,” Smith said.  “Definitely blessed to have not been here. It was pretty bad.”

Smith said the family was staying with their grandparents when he got the call.  His 8-year-old daughter’s bed was set on fire along with his 18-month-old son’s crib.  Every single room in the remainder of the home also suffered fire damage.

Smith said he made a lot of pro-Trump posts on Facebook, but never put any signs supporting Trump in his yard.  He couldn’t even begin to try and understand who would do something like this to his home.  He felt that whoever destroyed his home were just copying other anti-Trump protesters from across the country.

The State Fire Marshal is investigating the fire as suspicious and a possible case of arson.

Smith spoke to WFTS-TV about the damage:

The place was ransacked.  Clothes from my room, all the way to the back, just made it everywhere.   Papers, important documents thrown everywhere, just torn up.  The Christmas tree set up yesterday was knocked down and had been lit on fire.  Every piece of furniture was pretty much burned through.

“Definitely scary” is the way Smith described the attack to their home. He said that “cracker, F- Trump, not my prez, and F- yo kids,” were spray-painted on the walls of their home.

Smith discussed the lawless and disturbing actions against Trump and his supporters: “It’s been several months now where there’s protesters breaking the law, damaging property, destroying cities.”

“And, ‘oh just let them do it’ and that’s not how it should have gone down. If you are breaking the law you should go to jail. That’s it.”

Smith explained that his family has to move forward and pick up the pieces. “It upsets me that things like this happen.” He added, “But, there’s not a whole lot I can do now but fall back and regroup and get things back. I’m glad none of us were here.”

Smith’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help them rebuild their lives with a goal of raising $10,000. The page read:

****ALL FUNDS WILL BE DIRECTLY GIVEN TO MY BROTHER TO SAVE HIS HOME**** Yesterday my brothers house was broken into. My brother is ex military and has military flags flying in front of his home. People broke into his home and vandalized and torched the inside of his home. He has 2 kids. All of their clothes and furniture were burned. They were not home when this happened but there were “F trump” tags all over his home. We are 26 days from Christmas. Please help my brother.

So how much coverage do you think the fake news, a.k.a. the liberal mainstream media, will devote to this attack against a Trump supporting veteran and his family? *crickets*

H/T The Daily Caller