Vanity Fair Snubs First Lady Melania Trump in Favor of Obamas in their International Best-Dressed List

Vanity Fair has released their International Best-Dressed List for 2017, but while many current and former heads of state made the list, First Lady Melania Trump is noticeably absent.

The First Lady and former model is noted for her superb fashion, but Vanity fair thought otherwise, snubbing Melania for the White House’s former residents.

The Obamas apparently impressed Vanity Fair with what they wore on a visit to Italy, and they both made the 2017 Best-Dressed list.

According to USA Today, “Power couple Barack and Michelle Obama, noted particularly for their fashion on a visit to Italy, proved being out of office doesn’t mean out of style.”

The pandering will never cease.

The Daily Caller reports:

Melania Trump, a former model and current first lady of the U.S., did not make the cut, but former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama made the list for the third time.

“Heads of state are particularly well represented this year,” a press release for the list said, “with former president and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama (Couples) honored for the third time.”

Other political leaders include Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was honored for the second consecutive year, and French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte.

[…] The same day, another piece in the magazine suggested that  Melania Trump “appears to be taking a page out of the Michelle Obama book of fashion” by wearing J. Crew instead of designer brands.

Vanity Fair criticized Melania Trump for “taking a page out of the Michelle Obama book of fashion” by “wearing a surprisingly affordable $75 pink gingham shirt from J.Crew along with a pair of matching J Brand pink pants and Manolo Blahnik flats. […] Perhaps she’s been waiting to save the economical top for just the right moment in her First Lady reign.”

Well, that’s weird.

When Vanity Fair announced their Best-Dressed List on Wednesday, they praised the Obamas’ “most noticeable look of the year,” “A white Club Monaco top and custom BCBG olive-green pants paired with a gold Elizabeth and James Connolly cuff for her, and a blue shirt, navy trousers, and desert boots for him, worn in Siena, Italy.”

Yet the magazine continues to smear Melania for being what they call “over the top and out of touch” when she dresses up, but calls her a Michelle-impersonator when she dresses down. First Lady Melania Trump just can’t win with them because they’re relentlessly biased against her.

From Vanity Fair:

The mall brand is a major departure from the First Lady’s typical designer wardrobe, which is occasionally criticized for being over the top and out of touch. Trump’s predecessor Michelle Obama was often lauded for wearing J.Crew during her time in the White House, coming across as a more relatable and accessible First Lady than many in the past. It seems entirely possible that Trump is ripping out a page from the Obama handbook in order to drum up some much-needed goodwill from the public.

According the Vanity Fair, wearing the designer brand J. Crew made Michelle Obama “relatable and accessible,” because, at least in Vanity Fair’s eyes, that’s common people clothes.

If Melania Trump wears the same brand though, she’s just relating to someone who relates to everybody. Interesting…

Vanity Fair clearly isn’t too fond of Melania. Why else what they publish that embarrassing criticism of Melania’s stilettos outside the White House?

The Magazine asked “Who wears stilettos to a hurricane?”

Her aviator sunglasses and army green jacket say, “Business,” and, “Let’s get down to business,” and, “Hello, my name is Tom Cruiseand I’m here to give you the business.” The heels scream, “Who’s in for brunch?”

Melania changed into tennis shoes en route, obviously.

Since Vanity Fair clearly has it out for the First Lady, it’s not surprising they excluded her from their Best-Dressed list, in spite of major recognition this year for various heads of state.

USA Today reports:

Power couple Barack and Michelle Obama, noted particularly for their fashion on a visit to Italy, proved being out of office doesn’t mean out of style. France’s first couple, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, also made the cut.

Speaking of politicians, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earned a spot for his mismatched Star Wars socks.

Representing for the royals: Spain’s Queen Letizia, who has worn designers like Hugo Boss and Zara, won a place for her style, including a beautiful “buttercup-yellow” ensemble by Felipe Varela. Britain’s 96-year-old Prince Philip, who has announced his retirement from public events, received a special mention.

So Melania’s absence from the list is a bit shocking. But, what do you expect from Vanity Fair?

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