VIDEO: Judge Judy Slaps Down Socialist Logic


One episode of the hit show “Judge Judy” shows a woman (the defendant) who clearly feels she is entitled to money loaned to her by another woman (the plaintiff.)

Ericka Gebhardt received a sum of $2000 from her “good friend,” but refused to repay the money. She claims that it wasn’t a loan, because she had made it clear to the plaintiff that she didn’t have the ability to return the cash.

Gebhardt says that she can’t afford to pay the plaintiff back because she has five children and a dog, but Judge Judy wasn’t having it.

Watch the video below:

The defendant’s argument shifts from “I don’t have the money to pay them back” to “They make a lot of money” in an attempt to justify the fact that she didn’t feel the need to return the borrowed money.

Eventually she slips up by saying “She loaned- well she didn’t loan…” But it was already too late and Judge Judy handed down her judgement in favor of the plaintiff.

When a person loans you money, you have the obligation to pay it back unless they express that they have no desire to be repaid. Even then, it is always wise to record financial exchanges on paper with all people involved signing that they agree to the terms listed.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter how much money a person has at the time they give you a loan, that is never justification for not paying them back. You are not entitled to the money of anyone else, be it a friend, family member, or rich stranger. In America, unfortunately, there is a growing segment of the population who believe that the wealthy among us “owe” the poor a standard of living defined as whatever they feel like at the time.

Don’t believe the hype: nobody owes you a thing.