Virginia Churches Spraypainted With Vulgar, Racist, BLM Graffiti

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Black Lives Matter supporters vandalized two churches and a hole in southern Virginia with “Black Power” and other vulgarities over the weekend.

First, it was Christ the King Lutheran Church in Danville. Someone spray-painted “BLM,” “Black Power” and “F*** Whitey” on the outside of the church.

The Rev. Brian Martin said that a nearby house and other property were also spray painted, is reporting. There were reports that a nearby apartment complex was also targeted.

The next day, a church seven miles away was also vandalized. The RiverOak Church of God was “Tagged” with graffiti reading “Freddie Trayvon, Michael, The REAL MARTYRS” and other vulgar messages, according to reports.

fuck whitey USE blm

Both churches quickly assembled their congregation to power-wash off the messages.

fuck whitey graffiti power wash USE

Lt. S.A. Eanes with the Danville Police Department said they are currently investigating the incidents.

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“This is such a devastation,” said Cathy Bateman. “You don’t mess with God’s house.”

“When it happens in your own front yard, it hurts,” Martin said.

Bateman’s teenage daughter saw pictures of the graffiti circulating on Facebook. They live in Brosville but felt compelled to come by.

Their family does not attend the church, but Bateman gave Martin a few dollars to go toward scrubbing off the graffiti.

“It’s not much at all, but I wanted to give you something,” she said.

Black Twitter was suspicious of the graffiti, claiming black people are “more creative” than to spray-paint a church. Still others questioned the use (and correct spelling) of the word “martyr” on one of the messages.

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