Virginia Primary Results Show Unprecedented Leftist Rage; Prepare Yourselves, They’re Coming

On June 13, Virginia held its primary elections for the positions of Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General, along with several state Delegate races.

Virginia’s gubernatorial election is seen as one of the early referendums on President Trump. The special election in Georgia for former Rep. Tom Price’s seat is still continuing and will be determined next week, but the Virginia elections still have until November to be decided. Hence, there will be nearly nine months of the Trump presidency that voters in the Commonwealth will have on their minds.

Now, regardless of whether or not the candidates on the Republican side are outspoken Trump supporters, there is something that all Trump voters (and conservatives and any lover of liberty in general) absolutely must be aware of, and that is the immense and building rage that is beginning to boil on the Left.

After the November 2016 elections, there were many, many in the Democratic Party and those two steps left of Karl Marx who were on the verge of a meltdown. Who can forget that one lady who screamed so loud at the inauguration that the cameras far away could hear her?

And who could forget Antifa lunatics who mindlessly targeted anything with the hopes of tearing down society? That has continued, but not to the same degree we saw in the several months following the election.

Here we are in June, 2017, and the spinning is finally beginning to subside. The disappointment and aimless anger is now being channeled into focused, intense rage. The Virginia primary was the most recent example of that.

The Washington Times noted this, as did I towards the end of election night. In an interview with a poll watcher, the Times reported that there was a sense of anger and hate displayed during the voting time, a kind of fury not before seen.

It’s not as if I certainly expected this to happen or whatever, imagined or predicted this to happen, but in retrospect, yesterday I visited four or five precincts right around the immediate area where the shooting occurred, and the vitriol and the anger was palpable,” Mari Estull said in a phone interview with The Washington Times.

Ms. Estull, 51, said she was spit upon and cursed at by the Resist protesters, who she said weren’t campaigning Tuesday against any candidate in particular but against the Trump administration.

“Virginia was out in force yesterday voting, so it was kind of unusual because I got to see the actual voters — and before the normal November elections — I got to sort of have a glimpse of the tenor of the feeling in politics here and it just so happens the very next day this happens and I’m in shock. In retrospect, it’s almost like ‘aha,’” said Ms. Estull, a mother of two.

Now, the rage expressed is not exactly the same as that of the man who attacked Republican members of Congress on Wednesday June 14, but it is in the same vein. The attacker, James T. Hodgkinson, displayed an immense level of rage when he opened fire on Republican congressmen at a baseball practice.

Not all Leftists have that kind of rage though; they are not all planning to attack and kill Republicans wherever they can because of their rage. No, they are not Islamic State fighters. However, they are filled with a bloody rage, and they are ready to put that rage into forceful action.

The Virginia primary saw 670,129 voters hit the polls for the gubernatorial race, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. What is important to note is the breakdown of the numbers.

On the Republican side, Ed Gillespie won the GOP nomination with 160,040 votes, narrowly beating out former (fired) Trump campaign state chairman Corey Stewart. All in all, the GOP had 366,092 votes cast for each of the three candidates.

However, on the Democratic side, the numbers are truly shocking. There were two candidates running, one being sitting Lt. Governor Ralph Northam. He alone received 303,433 votes, and his opponent Tom Perriello received 239,365. For the Democratic gubernatorial primary, that is a total of 542,798 votes!

Northam alone received 82% of what the entire Republican ticket received. That’s absolutely shocking. Virginia is not a completely blue state either; it has been going more blue in the past several election cycles, but there remain many Republican strongholds throughout the state, which has a GOP-dominated House of Delegates and narrowly GOP-controlled Senate.

However, these primary numbers show us a glimpse into what is coming. The Democrats are seriously enraged. They hate the fact that Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) is not the President, and Donald Trump is. They hate that the election was “stolen” from them by the Electoral College, racists, sexists, Russia, whatever…

In Virginia, they are coming, and they are bringing their rage with them. For them, it is not as important to elect good representatives as it is to spit in the eye of their political opponents and “hit back” for what happened in the November election.

Make no mistake, they are going to fight back in a way like we have never seen before. They were dealt a huge defeat in 2016, but they are not going to simply disappear. They are in the background, planning their next moves to “resist,” to take back the government into the Statists’ hands, to ensure that nothing in our lives is free from the watchful eye of an all-powerful state.

They will use their rage to fuel themselves back into those positions. And we damn well better be ready to fight with every single ounce of strength we have to resist the Statists that will be coming for us in these elections.

We don’t have much freedom left, but we better be ready to defend it with everything we have.