You Voted For Trump? No HEAT For You…

A Maine propane dealership’s owner is refusing services for all Trump voters.

Michael Turner is the owner of a Skowhegan propane dealership in Somerset County, a county that overwhelmingly voted for Trump. 57.73 percent of voters supported trump in stark contrast to only 35 percent voting for Hillary Clinton.

That didn’t stop Turner from letting everyone know he wants nothing to do with anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

“Thank you for calling Turner LP gas,” Turner’s voicemail states. “If you voted for Donald Trump for president I will no longer be delivering your gas — please find someone else.”

Turner is blinded by his outrage that even though he didn’t vote for him, Trump still won the election. So blinded, in fact, that he’s just fine with losing a majority of his customers if it means he doesn’t have to take money from someone who isn’t doesn’t mirror his political opinions.

Lifezette: Maine Gas Distributor Won’t Deliver to Trump Supporters
State and Capital: Maine propane dealer to Trump voters: ‘I will no longer be delivering your gas’

From Polizette:

But there is something slightly more disquieting to Mr. Turner’s anti-Trump message. Maine is of course a very, very cold place during the winter, and many Mainers, especially the state’s senior citizens, often rely on fuel deliveries to survive Maine’s harsh winter months.

Average temperatures in Skowhegan during the winter months are firmly below freezing, with an average high of 31 degrees in December, 26 degrees in January, and 30 in February according to Intellicast.

To refuse to deliver gas in Maine during the winter could be for many a serious issue. Residents will have to find a local alternative or could face a literally life-threatening situation without heat.

So where is the liberal media, which normally asserts that businesses must serve everyone equally, no matter how the business owner feels?

Turner’s grinchy attitude this winter is sure to affect many people who normally rely on propane delivery for warmth. Isn’t that worthy of reporting?

Like so many liberals, Turner doesn’t want to live in a world where people disagree with him. He’d rather make his own pretend world, where everyone voted for Hillary like he did, and Hillary will be president, and nobody dares go to a private voting booth, close a curtain, and checkmark a tiny box that Turner didn’t checkmark.

To Turner’s fragile mind, surly teetering on a a tightrope of insecurity and narrow mindedness, disagreement on feelings towards just one vote is enough to drive off his responsibilities as a small business owner to serve his customers and avoid financial loss, in favor of a more comfortable infantile mentality.

One is left surprised that the man could pull his thumb out of his mouth long enough to record his angry voicemail, left for people who complimented him by choosing him over competitors for business they didn’t expect him to refuse.

Turner is far from the only Trump hater, but he took it to an extreme level just like one truck owner did as well.

A Houston-area sheriff says he’s concerned the driver of a truck displaying an expletive filled message against President Donald Trump and those who voted for him is creating a situation that could lead to confrontations with people offended by the sign.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said Wednesday he’s hoping to have “meaningful dialogue” with the driver about the expletives and the confrontational tone of the message.

In a Facebook post earlier Wednesday, Nehls had brought up the idea of a possible disorderly conduct charge against the driver.

But the sheriff seemed to back down from that idea later in the day, saying he supports freedom of speech.

Legal experts say the driver has a constitutionally protected right to express the message on the truck.

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