Vox Asks “How Obamacare Has Impacted You;” Instantly Regrets It…


The leftist website Vox decided to open Pandora’s Box and ask Twitter users how the farcically-titled “Affordable Care Act” has impacted their lives, which quickly backfired on them in epic fashion.

“Tell us how the Affordable Care Act has impacted your life,” Vox posed to Twitter users along with a story from “Kate” in which she claimed that “the ACA essentially saved my life,” BizPac Review reported.

Vox’s link sends readers to a questionnaire that asks them a few questions: “Help our reporting by letting us know: How has the Affordable Care Act impacted your life? Will you change your life if the ACA goes away?”

Since the left is pathetically out of touch with the American public, they likely expected to be flooded with responses about how wonderful Obamacare has been for them — but as we all know, that isn’t reality.

Twitter users responded in a big way to Vox’s question, and the answers were surely not what the leftist outlet was hoping to see.

I wonder if they’ll use these responses to help them with their reporting? *snorts*

And for some of my absolute favorite tweets. These evidence how a dose of reality tends to send people running full-speed away from the Democrat Party.

And more tweets from Americans devastated by Obamacare: