Those Who Want You to Own Guns vs Those Who Don’t – See The Difference?

Seth Connell writes that some laws regarding firearms are good, legislation that entails strong penalties for gun-running, straw-purchasing, and the like. A regular gun owner will support laws that penalize those who put others’ lives at risk by engaging in shady dealings with firearms.

Laws like that are not what I and tens of millions of gun owners take issue with. Our issue with the many, many gun laws (especially since I am originally from the fascistic nanny state of New York) that unduly burden our fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Now that I live in a much freer state, the Commonwealth of Virginia, I have grown to appreciate a state that has more respect for our right to bear arms. Nonetheless, ridiculous laws still pervade the Union, either at the state or federal level. Let’s take a look at just seven of the dumbest ones.

7. Suppressor Regulations in the National Firearms Act

If you want to operate a firearm, and not have your hearing destroyed, that will be a $200 tribute you must pay your overlords. Now, $200 in 2017 is not nearly the same monetary burden that it was in 1934 when the NFA was originally passed, but still, people are being priced out of protecting their hearing by law.

Even all these decades later, myths shroud the concept suppressors, as if the device makes a firearm as quiet as a mouse, completely noiseless. If one only watches Hollywood films it would be easy to believe that, but the facts say otherwise.

Suppressed firearms are still plenty loud, but the noise is simply reduced to a safer level. That’s all. End of story.

6. Magazine Limits

Just think: in one location, a piece of metal with a spring and a small follower is completely legal, but then you can take one step over an imaginary line and then BOOM! you’re a felon.

Yes, it’s that arbitrary!

In Virginia, I can own basically any magazine I want. But if I happen to go New York, I better not even have an empty magazine with me, or else I could end up in prison on felony charges. How asinine.

They think that this stops crime? How’s all the magazine limitation helping places like Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland, and Los Angeles? There’s still plenty of crime to go around, only now citizens are less able to adequately stop them should thugs break in.

Tell me something: which makes more sense? Having a 30 round magazine for a home-defense rifle, or mandating that one can only have no more than 10 round magazines? When 4 or 5 thugs break in, which is not unusual for a break-in, the former is the clear answer.

5. Bans on Firearms Based on Cosmetic Features

This may be even more ridiculous than magazine bans. Bans on firearms based on cosmetic features (pistol grip, collapsible stock, muzzle brake, etc.) are one of the most nonsensical governmental actions against gun owners.

Just because a rifle has a collapsible stock doesn’t make it any more prone to mass murder. Just because a rifle has a pistol grip that protrudes “conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon” does not make the firearm any more unsafe or evil. In fact, it only makes the gun easier to handle, and thus safer.

Cosmetic features bans are just a way of making common sporting rifles illegal, even if they deny they are trying to deny people the right to use such firearms for defense. It’s a slap in the face topped with condescension, a message sent from behind a row of armed guards and security gates. Oh, and those guards have all the semi-automatic rifles that are illegal for us peons.

Good luck peasants!

4. Banning Hollow Point Ammunition

Hi, New Jersey! Your law making hollow point ammunition illegal for general carry is beyond asinine! Your legislators have absolutely no idea how hollow point ammunition works, and how it makes a possible self-defense encounter safer for bystanders and personal property.

Hollow point ammunition expands when it leaves the barrel of a firearm. Its expansion causes a greater deal of damage than ballpoint ammunition, and thus it makes hoplophobes afraid of it. But, the flip side is that the rounds are less prone to over-penetration, and are less likely to hit innocent bystanders and destroy others’ property.

Do you want innocent bystanders to get hit by ricocheting rounds? Because that’s what can happen when you use ballpoint ammunition.

3. Zero Tolerance Policies In Schools

If your child’s school is willing to suspend a student because he ate his Pop-Tart “into the shape of a gun,” it’s time to get your child out of that toxic environment.

Seriously, do you remember that story from a few years ago? A young student was eating a Pop-Tart, and some incredibly loony staffer said that he was making his food into the shape of a weapon. You don’t get much more insane than that.

Public schools are ingraining in kids an irrational fear of weapons, so that they will support any law designed to restrict citizens’ fundamental right of self-defense. Schools are no longer places where legitimate safety can be taught, like in the 1960s and 1970s when there were riflery teams, but are places that instill irrational fears that will be cemented into these children’s minds for decades if not corrected.

2. Registration

In too many places, gun owners are required to register every gun with the government. You know, just in case…

What does having the information of every gun and gun owner do with solving crime, especially since legal gun owners are the least likely to commit crimes of any demographic.

It’s a control policy, and often these registration schemes are burdened with red tape and hefty fees. The process is the punishment, and in these areas those who are strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment don’t even bother because the process is so burdensome.

Just ask yours truly.

1. Waiting Periods

Waiting periods for firearm purchases are done under the guise of safety, just like every other gun law we have to deal with. The idea (an idea that hoplophobes project as reality) is that people go to gun stores all angry and ready to murder at a moment’s notice.

If there is a waiting period, 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, 365 days, whatever, that person will allegedly cool off and just decide not to murder.

But if someone is hellbent on murdering another person, if you honestly think a waiting period will stop them you’re incredibly naive.

People have been killed due to waiting periods, like Carol Browne, who applied for a firearms license in new Jersey, but was forced to wait until the powers that be said it was okay for her to protect herself; this despite the fact that she had a legitimate threat from an ex-boyfriend.

While waiting on the permit, she was murdered in her front driveway.

The waiting period literally enabled her ex to easily murder her. There’s nothing safe about waiting periods. Just ask those who have issued orders of protection.

Can you think of any others that should be added to this list?

H/T Bearing Arms