More Graphic Photos of Michelle Obama’s Skimpy, Moldy, and Gross”Healthy” School Lunches

Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is due to be reauthorized by Congress but parents and students are not so happy with this program as evidenced by the not-so-appetizing photographs they tweet of “healthy” lunches being served.

Here are some of the photographs posted on Twitter:


In a news release the School Nutrition Association CEO Patricia Montague said, “…Some of USDA’s regulations under the law have unnecessarily increased costs and waste for school meal programs and caused many students to swap healthy school meals for junk food fare.”

SNA also points out that 1.4 million fewer children are eating school lunches since the implementation Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act championed by Michelle Obama. That hasn’t stopped her from urging parents to do more to promote her lunch program.

During a speech announcing the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s hefty donation to her “healthy” lunch program she said “I want you to really dive into this issue in your schools, your organizations, community, your company, your family, wherever you are a leader and decision-maker.

Dive in.

If Robert Wood Johnson can invest half a billion dollars … surely we can push the envelope and aim just a little higher in our own efforts,” according to Newsday.

“We’ve seen the progress we can make,” the Obama said, “when we educate parents and we help them make healthier decisions.”

Based on these pictures I am not sure how anyone can claim these are “healthier” decisions.

I hope Congress takes a good look at them before they put any more money into this failed program.