WARNING: Twitter To Start Monitoring ALL Your Usage – On AND Off Their Site

Twitter has decided to be the arbiter of proper speech across the Internet.

They are installing cookies on unsuspecting users’ computers and monitoring where they go, both on and off of their social media site.

If a user strays into territory they don’t approve, Twitter says that as of Dec. 18, they will block the user from accessing their site.

That’s right. They will monitor all your usage and decide if you pass the “thought police” muster.

This dramatic change in their Terms of Service has not gone unnoticed.

They have declared that they will monitor activity “both on and off the platform” and if the user visits sites or engages in “other activities that violate the Twitter Rules,” they can be banned from the site.

If you decide you don’t want the Twitter spying cookie on your computer, tough luck. They declare that if you block cookies, you’re banned for that too.

“The updates to the rules today will be enforced starting December 18. We’ll also have more details on these policies to share that day,” a Twitter spokesperson wrote in an emailed statement to Mashable.

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Brett MacDonald is incensed.

The changes are part of an aggressive move to stamp out hate speech, abuse and harassment on Twitter. Advocates say it closes a loophole: known white supremacists and others affiliated with hate groups could still use the platform to send a sanitized version of their message and use their followers to bolster their overall profile.

Of course, this means that Twitter will have to monitor everyone’s web history, provided by the cookies that Twitter installs in your computer. Go to a site they don’t like? You’re banned. Visit – just for curiosity’s sake, or for research, a white supremacist site? Banned. Don’t want them tracking where you’re going? You’re banned too.

Free speech advocates are nervous too.

“This is a scary precedent to set,” Andrew Torba, founder of Gab,  wrote in an email to Mashable. “Rules like this will only force dissidents and those who are speaking truth to power to silence themselves or risk being silenced by Twitter.”

Gab is a social media network, similar to Twitter. It is almost exclusively used by the “Alt-Right,” and has about 215,000 users.

“It’s worth noting that Twitter can remove your verified badge for behaviors made /off/ the platform,” tweeted Ian Miles Cheong, a contributor to Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller. “Just as well, the company can take action against your account for supporting any group or individual that it claims promote certain behaviors.”

Twitter also recently updated their verification guidelines for accounts “of public interest.” The accounts – indicated with a little blue checkmark – is designed to confirm that an account really belongs to the user.

Now, Twitter will remove the “Verified” badge if the user engages in any speech that the site doesn’t like.

Twitter once declared itself “the free speech wing of the free speech party,” The Hill reports. While the company still prides itself on being a forum for open discussions, it’s now less comfortable with that characterization.

“I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place,” Twitter co-founder Evan Williams told The New York Times in May. “I was wrong about that.”