Watch as Al Sharpton Loses It on Live TV Over Bill O’Reilly

Race-baiting, identity politics profiteer Al Sharpton claimed on MSNBC Thursday that former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was a “spokesman” for “white nationalism” during his long media career.

Sharpton’s accusation. In an appearance on MSNBC shortly after O’Reilly’s ouster from Fox was made public, Sharpton accused him of promoting white nationalism.

The Blaze reported:

During a discussion with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Sharpton, who also has a weekly program on the liberal news outlet, talked about his past experiences with O’Reilly and President Donald Trump.

Hayes reminded Sharpton of a moment in 2013 when O’Reilly referred to him as a “race hustler.”

“Talking Points believes the day of the race hustlers is coming to an end,” the former Fox host said at the time. “This ‘we’ and ‘them’ business gets the country nowhere. Fair-minded Americans well understand there are severe problems in the black community that have to be solved.”

Hayes then asked Sharpton if he believed O’Reilly was a “race hustler.”

After claiming that he didn’t want to name-call, he went on to do just that when he said that O’Reilly “certainly promoted a very clear and in-no-way-nuanced white nationalism, and saying he said the white establishment, like he was a spokesman for it.”

O’Reilly’s 2012 comments. The Blaze reported that Sharpton was referring to comments O’Reilly made back in 2012 after former President Obama won re-election against Mitt Romney.

“And whereby 20 years ago President Obama would have been roundly defeated by an establishment candidate like Mitt Romney,” O’Reilly said in 2012. “The white establishment is now the minority. And the voters, many of them, feel that this economic system is stacked against them and they want stuff.”

Sharpton claimed that the comment was “in its own essence race-based and he, I think, really felt that way in all that he expressed.”

The Trump card. Of course, no conversation on the left would be complete without an attempt to bash President Trump.

“There’s a kind of continuity there of the cauldron of that kind of era of racial strife in [New York City] that I think defines the worldview of both those men,” Hayes said.

Sharpton, unsurprisingly, agreed: “We get called the ‘hustlers,’ we get called the names, we get called all kinds of non-complimentary terms for fighting against people who say that they are trying to preserve something based on their race and based on their privilege.”

“When you have an institution that seems to create an environment where that’s allowed based on race or gender — soon, that institution has to be corrected,” he added.

Uh, isn’t that exactly what Sharpton is doing — pushing one group over another based on race? Wouldn’t it be seen as “privilege” in society that you are not only able to do that, but encouraged to do so if you are a certain race, in Sharpton’s case, black? It is if you aren’t brainwashed by political correctness.

What this means. It means that Sharpton is once again evidencing, in his attempts to bash O’Reilly, precisely what a race hustler is.

He accused O’Reilly of being a white nationalist while clearly glossing over how his comments could just as easily be read as a rebuke of the identity politics mess Sharpton has trafficked in over the years.

Only O’Reilly knows what he meant by what he said, of course, but I would argue that it’s far from “white nationalism” to recognize that race hustlers such as Sharpton have worked to actively promote discrimination against white people and that it’s perfectly reasonable to point out that there are open attempts to tear white people down– who are the majority of the country.

The farce known as “white privilege,” which Sharpton referenced in the segment, is a prime example of what race hustling is.

Sharpton, and others, have basically told white people that if they don’t like being discriminated against and torn down, they are somehow “white nationalists,” racists, or a number of other labels — instead of just people who don’t want to be told they have a privilege that is non-existent and won’t sit quietly as hustlers like Sharpton profit off of dividing this country by race and other categories.

Plenty of Americans recognize that identity politics is tearing this country apart, which is precisely what the regressive left wants to do. They want to keep the people fighting each other instead of fighting against those that want to fundamentally transform this country, eliminate Western culture and values, throw open the borders, and implement globalism.