WATCH What Happens When You Listen To This Song While North Korean Soldiers Go On The Warpath

A hilarious video is circulating online showing just what happens when you watch a North Korean military parade while listening to disco music.

The result is oddly satisfying.

This video posted to Facebook has nearly 25 million views, so you won’t be alone if you happen to find it hilarious. (Watch the full video below.)

In news that’s just out this morning, earthquakes resonated at the North Korean nuclear testing site only months after their most recent nuclear weapons explosion.

Independent reports:

A 2.5-magnitude earthquake has been detected in North Koreanear where the country recently conducted a nuclear test, Seoul’s weather agency said.

The tremor occurred at 7.45am on Saturday in Kilju, North Hamgyeong Province, around 2.7 kilometres away from the Punggye-ri nuclear site, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).

Kim Jong-Un‘s regime conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test at the site on 3 September, damaging geological structures in the area, the agency said. Four tremors have been detected there since.

With the North’s continued weapons testing, things are heating up on the Korean Peninsula, but simply watching the video below is sure to ease your worries a bit with laughter.

This is so well synced to the music, it looks like this is what the North Koreans had in mind for their march the whole time.

Enjoy! (REMINDER: Make sure you turn the sound on to get the full experience!)

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