WATCH: Judge Judy Destroys 3 Feminists [Video]

Judge Judy Sheindlin is known for her tough but fair approach from the bench, and a compilation of three videos show the Judge at her best, destroying feminist arguments.

The video was posted by ZikDot on YouTube.

The first segment features Judge Judy adjudicating over a case where a young woman accuses a man of “confronting” her and her friend after they taunted and cursed at him from their car.

Sheindlin asked the girl “what were you cursing at him for?”

“We were being dumb,” she admits. However, she was angered by the fact that the man then “confronts two tiny women.” She then tells the judge, telling her that actually, she was cursing at him and “five or six” of his friends “because they’re losers.”

Her best effort to appeal to Judge Judy’s inner sexist didn’t turn out so well. She didn’t have any of that nonsense and left the girl slack jawed and speechless.


“I never considered myself a feminist,” Judge Judy says in her interview. From the clip above. “All during my professional career whether it be a lawyer or a judge, I never belonged to a woman’s organization. I wasn’t a woman lawyer, I was a lawyer who happened to be a woman, and I wasn’t a woman judge.  I was a judge who happened to be a woman.”

In other words, Judge Judy never bought into identity politics, and ruled as a judge according to the case, looking at facts, not genders, from the bench.

“I still don’t feel as if there was any time in my life when being a woman held me back,” the judge concluded. “You define yourself. If you let other people define you, that’s a mistake.”

Her interviewer seems surprised that the judge would want to distance herself from feminism. She defines it as gender equality, but seems baffled that feminism isn’t perceived that way.

Could it possibly be because Judge Judy thinks that gender shouldn’t be considered when enforcing the law, and feminist groups often disagree with that approach?

Below is another great compilation of feminist “fails,” posted on YouTube by Bogart.

During an Australian Community Affairs Legislation Committee meeting, a senator is annoyed that she’s getting too much information from questioning and that the man she’s questioning explains why.

She calls it “mansplaining” which is something feminists say men do when they think women are too ignorant to know basic facts.

The senator seems to think she’s being talked down to. That is just something men do, according to her.

Next Ben Shapiro answers questions about gender, the boy scouts, and Planned Parenthood. The student lashes out at him with a serious of accusations which he shoots down, easily, one by one. Incredibly, she asks Shapiro for “evidence” that Planned Parenthood provides a large number of abortions each year.

Several more fails follow before, finally, one quick thinker with an old-timey tobacco pipe has a two word answer for the schoolchild demand of “make a case for men.”

He simply stated: “We’re awesome.”