Watch Lib Journalists FREAK OUT When Asked if They Know Anyone With a Truck


A simple question about trucks – of all things – have sent beltway liberal reporters into a frantic frenzy, salivating with hatred and enmity.

The question was intriguing. Since the most popular vehicles on the road are pickup trucks and since most Trump supporters drive pickup trucks, popular commentator John Ekdahl posed a simple question to reporters: Do you own a truck?

I was a simple question and would provide some insight into how “out of touch” elitist reporters are with the rest of the country.

Perhaps he didn’t expect the reaction he got.

They started out just snarky, which you might expect …

But then it quickly spiraled out of control.

Pollster and writer John Corbett isn’t interested in “knowing” anyone who lives in a city and owns a pickup truck. That’s his argument.

New York Times reporter John Schwartz was really offended. Of course he does (he didn’t name any), he learned to drive a stick shift with one!

Schwartz then felt demonized for being asked the simple question.

Buddy Whittenburg (who wears a funny hat and “dabbles” in economics, theater, art and politics) saw right through what Ekdahl was doing. And it was EVIL! “This nonsense question has much has much more to do with where you live than who you know. Pickup is a status symbol in many parts of the US”

LA Weekly reporter Dennis Romero at least had a sense of humor:

And then came the raw outrage!

So that one simple, innocuous question started such vitriol.

H/T: InstaPundit