WATCH: Liberal SJWs Completely Clueless When Asked One Simple Question [Video]

Last week, Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator, remarked on the lack of free speech in this country. Not surprisingly, there were hundreds of individuals protesting his comments…in other words, his free speech. Ah, the irony.

According to The Blaze:

Several hundred protesters gathered on the UCLA campus this week to protest Shapiro’s speech. Right-wing journalist Austen Fletcher, who goes by the name “Fleccas,” interviewed various students, both Shapiro supporters and the protesters, to see why they were there.

Ironically, the Shapiro protesters failed to state a legitimate criticism of Shapiro.

Of course, their criticisms boiled down to calling Shapiro a bigot, a Nazi, a fascist. All because he is an advocate for free speech:

“Nazi’s go home”

“It isn’t a debate when you’re just spreading hate” and “Right-wing bigots go away!”

But when asked by Fleccas directly what things they don’t like about Shapiro, many shut down and turned away.

“Uh, pretty much everything I’ve heard him say,” said one protester without naming anything specific.

“In my research I’ve looked at more of [Shapiro’s] bigoted things, I don’t know what his other policies are…” added another protester.

A counter-protester then confronted that student, who turned and walked away when presented with facts.

Another student said: “Ben Shapiro incites hate speech. He does not incite free speech.”

Do these people not know that, historically, those who censor words and material have been Nazis, fascists?

He incites “hate speech”?

This is the same group who started chanting “f**k Donald Trump”.

And that isn’t “hate speech”?

And when protestors hold signs that say “F*ck Nazis”–are you aware Shapiro is Jewish?

The absolute last group he would support are Nazis.

Can we not see the absolute absurdity of these statements?

These protestors have no intellectual ground to stand on.

Common sense is antithetical to snowflakes.

They do not know how to reason, how to argue, how to protest in a meaningful way.

They protest a man that they have no criticism of.

Their protest is a form of free speech.

Do they not see that?

They are arguing against a freedom that is allowing them to speak.

But, of course, this has nothing to do with free speech or hate speech.

This has to do with speech that they disagree with. That they don’t like.

That they can’t argue with because they have no minds to do so.

Why do we continue to put microphones up to these ignorant voices?

Why is it that anytime someone holds a rally for free speech that protestors show up to denounce their words with, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA?”

These protestors have even decided to protest Attorney General Jeff Sessions over his comments concerning free speech.

Just two months ago, “scores of students and faculty showed up Tuesday to protest Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ remarks on college campuses, charging that he’s being hypocritical and ironic in his address about free speech at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C.” Despite the fact, however, that Sessions said “we respect your views, no matter what they are.”

That must have been the point they were frustrated with.