WATCH Liberal Teacher Gets Shut Down With FACTS [Video]

You know what radical liberals hate?


Yeah, those fact things take all the wind out of their emotionally-charged snowflake sails.

Their argument doesn’t cover much distance when met with actual data.

So sad.

Well, one student took his teacher to school by presenting facts.

Ugh. Those DARN facts.

Want some entertainment? Watch this clip.

According to The Blaze:

A highly charged political debate between a student and his teacher is garnering a lot of attention. The video captured 10 minutes of the confrontation, though the student said the debate lasted longer.

The video begins as the Latino student and his teacher debate about police brutality in America. The student cites facts — that black-on-black crime is more prominent and police shoot more white people — but the teacher simply dismisses the argument by criticizing him.

“You’re clearly a radical, a conservative,” the teacher says.

As the debate goes on, the student says he obtains his statistics from the FBI, which the teacher said is “seeded in white supremacy.” She later tells the non-white student that he is a byproduct of white supremacy.

Clearly! Clearly, a radical conservative. Because, who uses FACTS?!

Instead, you should simply distort language, create stories, and flat-out lie about events to prove your point!

Midway through the debate, when the teacher and student are discussing terrorism, the teacher appears to say “every white man perpetuates domestic terrorism.”

For several minutes, the two argue about the definition of terrorism. The student maintains that terrorism is using violence in the pursuit of political goals, while the teacher said the “terrorism” label in America is essentially racist. That’s when the student read the definition of “terrorism” from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, proving him correct.

However, the teacher denied that the dictionary was correct and said that she “bets” that she is smarter than it.

At the end of the confrontation, the teacher told the student that his points were wrong because he was using words incorrectly and didn’t know their definition. Remember, the teacher denied the textbook definition of the word “terrorism.

You know, it’s just like those conservatives to use FACTS and cite the dictionary.


I mean, really?

Doesn’t everyone know that dictionaries are racist…after all, the pages are WHITE and the words are BLACK?!

Segregation on the page. Hundreds of years of oppressive vernacular.

Unbelievable. You don’t see brown words on the page, do you? No red words or purple words or pink words.

Just black words.

Black words are doing all the work.

It’s time we stand up against Merriam Webster.

Stop the language apartheid.

Although my sarcasm should be evident, I’m sure some liberal some day will attempt to employ this exact argument.

One day the pages will be black, the words white.

One day we will have arguments with no fact, only opinion.

One day, these irrational people will rule the world if we aren’t careful.

The Draymond Greens who believe NBA “owners” should be called “chairman”.

The teachers who tell their students to hate President Trump because he hates them.

The lack of logic and reason in the presence of sheer hatred.

What are some other examples of illogical and emotional liberal arguments?