Watch: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Asks if Trump Will Send Her ‘to a Camp’


Here we have yet another example of the left’s bizarre, bigotry-fueled hysteria. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, in an appearance on Bravo TV’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, claimed she would ask President-elect Donald Trump if he would send her “to a camp.”

“If you booked Donald Trump on your show what would your first question be?” Cohen read a question from a viewer for Maddow Wednesday night.

After a moment, Maddow answered with a bizarre smirk on her face: “Are you going to send me or anybody I know to a camp?”

As the Daily Caller noted: “Maddow, who is gay and was raised in a Catholic household, did not explain her answer.”

Maddow didn’t explain it because that’s not the purpose of the left’s inflammatory and hateful comments. The point is to put it out there so it’s in people’s minds.

The left wants people to think that Trump is hateful and dangerous. That’s why they continue with the disgusting Adolf Hitler references. That’s why they continue to distort his positions — despite in many cases clearly knowing otherwise.

Could some leftists really believe this vitriol? They could. As I mentioned above, they are fueled by bigotry. That bigotry certainly could be stopping them from hearing what he says or seeking out the information that would show them how bigoted they are and how ignorant they are about the truth.

I’d argue that plenty of these prominent leftists likely know exactly what they’re doing. They don’t like Trump’s agenda and the fact that it shines a light on how deficient the left’s agenda is.

Since the left cannot go toe to toe with opposition on the facts, logic and the results of their failed policies when they are implemented, they revert to fear mongering and hate.

For Maddow to throw around a reference to concentration camps so lightly is truly despicable. If she actually believed what she said and seriously thinks she needs to ask Trump that then she likely needs some serious therapy, education on the facts and history, and most importantly, needs to seek God and his forgiveness for the bigotry in her heart that gives her such a hateful outlook on anyone that sees things differently than she does.