WATCH: Singer KNEELS After Performing Anthem at NBA Game

Yesterday, singer Justine Sky, surprised everyone by kneeling immediately after singing the National Anthem, disrespecting both the flag, our military and the USA, before the Brooklyn Nets game.

Watch the Fox News report below:

HUNTSMAN: “What you are watching there Justine Sky she has a beautiful voice. She was singing the national anthem Brooklyn mets game and decided to kneel at the very end of that song. Not letting anyone know she was going to do that. But she obviously has the right to kneel if she want to. You were saying this, Jason. There is a rule where the players have to stand for the anthem.”

SEHORN: “It’s a policy they came up with to try to take the distraction away from the game. And put the focus on the fact that people came to watch a basketball game not a political movement.”

HEGSETH: “She was invited as a guest. The Brooklyn didn’t know she was going to do it. They said let’s put a policy. Could have seen a big wave of kneeling in the NBA further that controversy. She took to Instagram saying this pretty I couldn’t know easy about singing the anthem and probably won’t be invited to sing it again. Had to take a knee in opening game in my city we will not be silenced #black lives matter. We know where she is coming from.”

HUNTSMAN: “Be in this stadium how much cheering and boos as well.”

HEGSETH: “Reports are far more boos than cheers. Overwhelming voice of this place was don’t mix, again, protest if you want, why do it during our nation’s sacred anthem.”

SEHORN: “Difficult part here what it stands for is getting under people’s skin. I’m a firm believer in our First Amendment. It your freedom of speech. It’s your right to do that. But it’s going to have backlash. There is an issue with it I don’t like it. I don’t agree with it you get to make that stand as an individual, that’s what you get to choose. You know what else you get to do? You get to face the consequences of your action afterwards. As she said I probably won’t be invited back that’s sad because she had a nice voice. Taken away an opportunity. I don’t know.”

HUNTSMAN: “Did you go through anything like this when you played? Jason: No, nothing like this. This is different. I was in the league from ‘94 to 2003. I don’t think we had anything. I know for a fact we had nothing of this magnitude affecting us as players to make a decision on.”

Apparently the injection of left wing politics into every aspect of American life continues unabated. This would seem to be a suicide wish as more and more sports fans turn off the TV and focus on other activities.

By the time the leagues wake up it will too late to stop the bleeding and leftist will finally get their wish, the destruction of professional sports leagues.

What do you think about singers who kneel after performing the National Anthem?