WATCH: Woman Loses Her Mind Over Vet Bringing Service Dog Into Restaurant

Today we have for you another one of those stories where the best of humanity collides with the worst.

The UK Daily Mail reports on an incident in which an unhinged woman became so enraged at the sight of a US military veteran bringing a PTSD service dog — a Great Dane clearly identified as such with a military coat meant to “help victims of serious injury or accident feel safe during potentially difficult social situations” — into a restaurant that she just had to scream her lungs out at him.

It’s simply sickening. You can check out the video for yourself right here:

When the screaming woman claims the veteran is not allowed to bring his dog inside, one waitress is heard shouting: ‘He’s allowed because he fought for our country.’

The aggressive diner then responds erratically, claiming her husband was also a serviceman who died abroad, and continued screaming: ‘It’s nasty to me, it’s f******* disgusting,’ before calling various diners w***** and b*****.

Standing alongside a seemingly embarrassed male companion, the woman continues her tirade as the veteran tries to calm her down.

‘There should be a separate section for the f****** animals,’ the woman continues to rant.

She then can be seen threatening staff, demanding: ‘Who’s gonna shut me up? Are you gonna make me? [sic]’ pointing at workers.

The staff try to encourage the woman to leave, telling her she’s welcome to go eat somewhere else but she continues to rant.

Eventually the lunatic left the building, but felt the need to duck in the door one last time to scream “It’s my opinion, none of y’all are gonna change it. It’s disgusting, it’s gross!” Because her opinion was just so valuable, a full-blown blessing to the diners she graced with her presence.

At Louder With Crowder, Nichole Cooper says it all:

Speaking of rights, here are the veteran’s:

Under law by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.

‘The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability,’ the government website added.

We don’t have the power to identify whether or not this dog is a real service dog. But neither does this woman. Neither does the dog.

Legitimate service dog or not, this woman had no right to perform a one woman show of “I can be crazier than you just watch me.” How funny that she cites her daughter as reason for staff not to be rude to her, as she engages in cursing, frantic rage fest of methamphetamine fueled proportions. Yikes.

How does someone become a functioning adult yet possess such an all-encompassing sense of entitlement and belligerence, but nothing even slightly resembling maturity, empathy, or self-respect? It really is astounding. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of the restaurant’s other customers came to the hero’s defense, proving that the hateful heckler is an extreme minority.

How does this case of needless nastiness make you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

H/T Louder With Crowder