WATCH: The Worst of MSNBC 2017 [Video]

Outside of CNN, there are few worst cable television networks in terms of fairy tales, fake news, and loopy conspiracy theories.

But in 2017, MSNBC definitely takes the cake. Sorry, CNN. You lose again.

With raving Rachel Maddow, slobbering blowhard Chris Matthews, androgynous wimp Chris Hayes, the ticking time bomb Lawrence O’Donnell and, of course, house racist Joy Ann Reid, the DNC’s propaganda arm was far and away the smelliest manure factory on television.

Oh, and let’s not forget the narcissistic lovebirds on “Morning Joe” which has taken a serious downturn into the territory of the lunatic fringe ever since President Trump brought up the dead intern that was once found in Joe Scarborough’s office when he was a Republican congressman.

If you haven’t noticed, Scarborough has been unraveling on a daily basis and not even his stupid EP of anti-Trump Christmas songs could cheer him and Mika up since Trump’s epic tweet.

With a disinformation operation like MSNBC, it’s really hard to distill the worst stories down into a short and easily digestible video but that is exactly what the ace team over at the Washington Free Beacon has done.

It’s an all-star collection of freaks and their agenda-driven guests who even Joseph Goebbels himself would be in awe of.

Enjoy the freak show.

Oh, and there’s always next year, CNN!