What Has To Happen Before We Can Talk About Socialism


Robert Gehl reports on May Day – the socialist holiday celebrating labor – hundreds of thousands of service workers are planning an anti-Trump strike, promising to disrupt the economy around the country.

Organizers tell BuzzFeed that more than 300,000 food service workers and 40,000 other unionized workers will walk off the job that day – Monday, May 1.

At the very least, many thousands of employees with the Service Employees International Union and the United Service Workers West will walk off the job, led by labor rights leader David Huerta.

“We understand that there’s risk involved in that,” Huerta told BuzzFeed News, “but we’re willing to take that risk in order to be able to move forward in this moment, while the most marginalized are in the crosshairs of this administration.”

In a statement announcing the strike, the groups said the action was in direct response to President Donald Trump.

Let us strike together for a world where human rights and equality are respected. A world in which immigrant families are no longer torn apart and no Black life is senselessly taken. A world where every child gets a good public education, every woman and girl is safe, every parent can access affordable childcare, every family has quality health care, every senior can retire in dignity, and every person has risen out of poverty.

We need to show this Administration, Congress and large corporate interests that our human and economic worth is more powerful than their agenda of hate and greed. Opposing Trump is not enough. We must stop him.

If successful, it would be the largest walk-off since the first “Day without Immigrants” strike back in 2006. Back then, more than one million workers in 50 cities walked off the job. In Chicago alone, there were 400,000 people marching in the street.

H/T: Breitbart