What Hillary Would Have Said About Comey Had She Won

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Flashback from Kimberly Morin: Recall that Hillary Clinton was a guest during the Women for Women International event.

Clinton claimed to take personal responsibility for her historic loss to Donald Trump, but then turned around to blame everyone and everything but herself.

Pathetic excuses. Clinton blamed everything but herself for her loss, including misogyny. Because Clinton’s massive criminal corruption played no role in voters, including women, rejecting her. From The Washington Post:

Asked whether misogyny played a role, Clinton said with a wry smile: “The book’s coming out in the fall.”

“Yes, I do think it played a role,” she said. “I think other things played a role, too.” She would go on to name Russia and Comey’s letter about discovering more Clinton emails with 11 days left in the campaign. She said she was on her way to winning without them and would have won if the election were held Oct. 27.

Kellyanne Conway responds. Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway responded, explaining in a few easy words that might help Clinton understand why she lost exactly. And just to add salt to the wound, Conway added a signature for her from the White House:

Why this matters? It matters because Hillary Clinton and Democrats are still proving how out of touch they are with Americans. They seriously don’t grasp (at least the leaders don’t) why voters rejected Clinton across the country.

And sorry, but amassing votes in liberal strongholds like California and New York mean absolutely nothing (other blue states were close). All one needs to do is take a look at the sea of red across the map to see what Americans thought of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.