What We Can Expect From Media The Moment Trump is Sworn In


The glory days of the establishment media–liberal reporting, that is–may well be over.

The president-elect Donald Trump, who will be sworn in on January 20, 2017–just a few weeks away–is despised by said establishment and was not predicted to become our 45th president.

He may well be the final “nail in the media coffin,” says Victor Davis Hanson.

According to National Review:

President-elect Donald Trump probably will not often communicate with the nation via traditional press conferences. Nor will Trump likely field many questions from New York/Washington journalists.

What we know as “the media” never imagined a Trump victory. It has become unhinged at the reality of a Trump presidency.

No wonder the fading establishment media is now distrusted by a majority of the public, according to Gallup — and becoming irrelevant even among progressives.

Once upon a time in the 1960s, all the iconic news anchors, from Walter Cronkite to David Brinkley, were liberal. But they at least hid their inherent biases behind a professional veneer that allowed them to filter stories through left-wing lenses without much pushback.

The days of Walter Cronkite are long gone. Hopefully, the pet journalists of Obama and Clinton will soon starve.

There is no authoritative news network or newspaper. As the establishment media has (for some time now) made clear their liberal foundation and alleged news networks like CNN write and report for the Clintons and the Democratic Party.

The election of Trump, and his dismissal of said media, triggered the dormant problem the establishment hoped would never surface.

As Davis writes, “Is it any surprise that we are witnessing the funeral for traditional journalism as we once knew it?”

What American readers need to employ now more than ever is critical thinking and a careful reading of news sources.