NBA Head Coach: ‘White People Especially’ Need to Be Made ‘Uncomfortable’

The coach of the San Antonio Spurs dived head-first into politics (again) Monday by declaring that white people need be be made “uncomfortable” by discussions of race and racism.

Gregg Popovich said on ESPN2’s “Paul Finebaum Show” that “people have to be made uncomfortable” in talks about race, especially white people.

“Well, because it’s uncomfortable, and there has to be an uncomfortable element in the discourse for anything to change. Whether it’s the LGBT movement, or women’s suffrage, race, it doesn’t matter. People have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people because we’re comfortable. We still have no clue of what being born white means,” he stated.

“If you read some of the recent literature, you’ll realize there really is no such thing as whiteness, but we kind of made that up. That’s not my original thought, but it’s true,” Popovich said, The Daily Caller reports.

Popovich said that being “born white” comes with “advantages.”

“It’s hard to sit down and realize yes, you’re sitting at the 50-meter mark at a 100-meter dash,” he said. Because you were born white, you have advantages that are systemically, culturally, psychologically there. And they have been built up and cemented for hundreds of years. But many people can’t look at it. It’s too difficult.”

“It can’t be something that is on their plate on a daily basis. People want to hold their position, people want the status quo, people don’t want to give that up. And until it’s given up, it’s not going to be fixed,” the coach stated.

Here’s the video:

Popovich also lobbed some insults at Trump voters:

This isn’t the first time Coach Pop has expressed his disgust for President Trump. Shortly after the election, Popovich spoke at length about his concerns for the country:

“I’m still sick to my stomach, and not basically because the Republicans won or anything, but the disgusting tenor and tone and all the comments that have been xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic,” Popovich said. “And I live in that country where half the people ignored all that to elect someone. That’s the scariest part of the whole thing to me.”

While the fans might not be too pleased with Coach Pop, his players support him.

“He’s not the typical coach for sure,” San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge said. “He’s in tune with what is going on around the world with people and with race. He’s not afraid to voice his beliefs and his opinions. He’s tried to help us realize that there are more things than basketball, more than the NBA.

“Of course, take your job seriously. But he tries to keep us focused on that this isn’t the only thing we have to live on. There is a bigger picture to focus on and think about. I never had a coach who really tried to help you think about things outside of basketball. That’s really what he does. He tries to get you better at basketball while also learning about what’s going on day-to-day.”

What do you think? Should Coach Pop shut his mouth and just do what he does best? Coach basketball? Sound off below!