“Whiteness” is Terror Says University Professor

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A University of Memphis sociology professor (what else) has taken to Twitter to announce that white people are the root of all evil in the world. At least the root of all terror.


And just so she doesn’t let a crisis go to waste, the Confederate battle flag is the ultimate symbol of capitalism.


You can tell that Ms. Robinson is a “professor,” she uses terms like “white hetropatriarchal.” The latter word is made up by academicians who like to show off just how much smarter they are than the rest of us with words like that.


Like I said, made up.

She’s got some commentary on marriage. And being a “sociologist” that shouldn’t surprise anyone.


What’s incredibly sad is this woman is teaching the next generation of future leaders.

In the ultimate takedown of society, she’s teaching at a public university so she’s being paid by the taxpayers of Tennessee.

Michael Becker

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