Why Adolf Hitler Was The Ultimate Progressive [MEME]


V. Saxena reports that there’s something apt to cause the heads of liberals to explode like firecrackers: Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was a self-avowed socialist.

Yes, he was a socialist. Sorry to burst your delusional theory, liberals, about how Hitler was a right-wing lunatic.

For one, Hitler’s Nazi Party was in fact the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, a political organization based on mob rule — kind of like the Democrat party.

And just like Hitler drummed up hatred against the Jews, so are Democrats currently trying to gin up hatred against whites. Fascinating similarly there, right?

But the similarities between Hitler and Democrats do not stop there.

Writing for Louder With Crowder, Courtney Kirchoff pointed out that Hitler promised employment for all, supported “big education” with state-funded and state-sponsored curriculum and implemented free socialized healthcare for everybody.

And oh, Hitler was QUITE pro-choice and majorly into the idea of a police state and even created one via the Gestapo.

Listen to a more in-depth analysis, courtesy Steven Crowder:

Are Democrats therefore Nazis? Absolutely not. But neither are right-wingers like you and me, which is why it seemed only fair to briefly point out that the ones who in fact act the most like Nazis happen to be Democrats themselves.

Do NOT expect anyone in the liberal mainstream media to report this …