Why Liberals Are HUGE Hypocrites For Calling Business Owners Selfish


IJ Review reports on what the ‘top 1%’ of Americans were doing while the media vilified them:

Although America is touted for being the place where people can pursue their dreams, those who achieve success by way of wealth face a great deal of backlash from media, wealthy politicians, and even an American president.

To that end, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once stated:

“It is a fact that the elites in every country are making money. There are rich people everywhere, and yet they do not contribute to the growth of their own countries.”

But one thing frequently overlooked by those criticizing the rich is how much they actually do for the country.

As one example, the new Almanac of American Philanthropy found that the top one percent of wealthy Americans account for 1/3 of all charitable donations.

Even in death, the top one percent are big givers, according to a public opinion research survey:

The wealthiest 1.4 percent of Americans are responsible for 86 percent of the charitable donations made at death.


The Washington Examiner writes that Americans, across the board, are a generous lot, out-donating “Britain and Canada two-to-one and nations like Italy and Germany 20-to-one. What’s more, over half of every single income class except those earning less than $25,000 donate to charity.”

Karl Zinsmeister, author of the almanac said of philanthropy’s importance to America:

“…philanthropy is much more than a nice, civilizing coat of paint on the American mansion. Actually, philanthropy is a deep part of our foundation and our structure. […] Philanthropy is really crucial in making America the unusual country that it is.”