Why Liberals Lose, Summed Up In One DERANGED Protest Sign


C.E. Dyer reports that a leftist professor’s 7-year-old daughter was “singing the praises” of George Washington, so the professor, who was “dismayed” by this development, swiftly decided to teach her child that Washington was a racist.

Professor Jennifer Harvey wrote about how she reacted when she found out that her daughter liked George Washington in a piece for the New York Times recently that asked “Are We Raising Racists?”

“I was dismayed,” she wrote, “that the peace- and diversity-centered curriculum she gets at her public school had left her with such a one-dimensional view of history.”

From iOTWreport:

Eventually, her daughter asked her about news. Professor Harvey, after discussing ethics violations with her 7-year-old, said, “Well you know how you’ve been running around here celebrating George Washington? We always talk about George Washington fighting for freedom. But George Washington also owned black people as slaves.”

Dr. Harvey’s small child’s “intrigue turned to horror.”

Along with the conception of George Washington, Professor Harvey starts to wonder what affect society is having on children. And she pins the blame on “parents of white children.”

“We know the youngest children internalize racist perceptions of themselves and others… And let’s be frank, it’s parents of white children, like myself, who tend to rely on these sincere, but ineffective, strategies,” she wrote.

“One-dimensional, generic teachings are tempting,” Harvey claimed. “They feel easier and safer. That’s the only reason my daughter’s school would settle for partial truths about George Washington.”

“But raising children who are resilient for justice and able to do their part to create an inclusive society takes more, especially now,” Harvey wrote.

To answer Harvey’s question, yes, people like her are in fact raising racists — just not the way she means it.

Leftists are raising their children to hate white people (and others, particularly men, Christians, conservatives, etc.) — even when the people in question are, in fact, white — with garbage like “white privilege” and other such social-justice-warrior, identity politics-based farces.

It’s lovely that Harvey is concerned about history, but it’s laughable considering the one-sided strategy the left employs to demonize the U.S. and Western world every chance they get.

Perhaps Harvey should also teach her daughter that slavery isn’t unique to America’s history and that, in fact, it still goes on around the world.

Oh no, that doesn’t fit the left’s narrative that America is evil. Can’t have that.