Why The Next Civil War Will Be Brief Summed Up In 2 Images

Kimberly Morin reports as with all mass shootings, the left never focuses on the killer (unless he is a known right-winger) and always focuses on gun control.

What the left hasn’t grasped yet, especially about the Virginia shooting, is that good guys with guns stopped the bad Berniebot with a gun. If the Capitol Police hadn’t been there to protect Minority Whip Scalise, the rest of the congressional members and staff could have been slaughtered. Good guys with guns saved lives.

This makes no sense to the left because a criminal took a firearm (legally or illegally to be determined) and decided to murder innocent people; therefore, in their twisted minds, no law-abiding citizens should have firearms. ALL gun owners become criminals for daring to practice their 2nd Amendment rights and their fundamental human right to self-defense.

Amanda Marcotte is one of those lunatic left-wingers. Her hatred for law-abiding citizens and love for criminals rings loud and clear in an unhinged article she wrote at Salon:

The left-wing views of the alleged shooter might be surprising to some, but they shouldn’t be. The gun industry and the National Rifle Association market guns with promises that owning guns will make a customer feel manly and powerful, and that fantasy has a power that can transcend political boundaries. And no one knows better than gun industry leaders how feelings of political frustration caused by seeing your preferred candidate lose an election can be channeled into a pitch to buy more guns.

Marcotte clearly shows her misandry and misogyny in this statement. She apparently doesn’t grasp that one of the largest growing sectors of people buying firearms are women. Women don’t buy firearms to feel “manly”; they buy firearms to protect themselves from crazy left-wingers like the Virginia shooter. Marcotte goes on in her hateful, ignorant, and uninformed rant:

During Barack Obama’s administration, the gun industry was able to move huge numbers of weapons off the shelves by convincing paranoid, resentful white conservatives that the black president was coming to take their guns away.

So now gun owners are also racists, not just wannabe manlies? Apparently Marcotte missed the Democrat memo that continually calls for gun control, much like she is doing now. Obama was no different. Recall under Clinton there was the useless “assault weapons” ban that banned semi-automatic rifles. It did absolutely nothing to lower crime rates and was allowed to sunshine out. Semi-automatic rifles are some of the most popular rifles in the country, especially with women. But Marcotte doesn’t stop her insanity there:

Fears of emasculation, racist anxieties about crime, power fantasies about silencing dissent through threats of violence, and a widespread loathing for liberals and their insistence on rational evidence — all these things sell guns. They also get out votes for Republicans. The party cannot give up one without the other. And so, we cannot expect that this spate of gun violence, even as close to home as it came for Republican elected lawmakers, will do anything to change their minds.

Marcotte’s extremism and lies about guns and gun owners are par for the course with the left. She is one of many who have no understanding of the 2nd Amendment, no understanding of self-preservation or self-protection, and absolutely zero clue that it is grassroots Americans who defend the 2nd Amendment. Marcotte, like all leftists, has to use the NRA as her boogeyman, because if they actually admit the truth, that it is grassroots activists fighting against their gun control, they will have to admit they are fighting against law-abiding citizens.