Why Trump is Pulling Out of Paris Climate Deal in a Single Tweet

The Paris Climate Treaty is a joke on the face of it — not only is it a globalist scam, it is also based on the man-made climate change farce. It is insane to even entertain it, but the lopsided nature of the farce makes it even worse.

Now a single tweet from American Commitment president Phil Kerpen outs the treaty for what it is and evidences why President Donald Trump needs to stick to his promises and continue to oppose it.

Kerpen tweeted: “China is building 368 coal-fired power plants, has 803 more in planning stage. America gets ZERO under Paris deal.”

What else do you need to know?

This climate change farce is a massive scam to push the globalists’ radical agenda which includes attempts to cripple the United States’ economy — while bolstering others. The climate treaty is a prime example of exactly this.

Hopefully Trump isn’t swayed by globalists that want to tear this country down and he sticks to the campaign promises that catapulted him into the presidency.

If you want to make America great again, there has to be an America, which means that these ploys by globalists have to be outed and resisted.

H/T Newsalert