Does This Win The Prize For The Dumbest Tweet of 2017?

Speaking of privilege:

Major University Highlights “14 Ways Whiteness Oppresses Society” — by Brian Thomas

California university Cal State San Marcos’s “Whiteness Forum” put fourteen booths up throughout campus on Tuesday, displaying 14 ways students say “whiteness” oppresses society.

The project was arranged as a “Communicating Whiteness” class assignment by a professor who wanted students to team up and explain the many ways “whiteness” hurts society.

Each booth established a different theme. Those themes include: “Anti-Racist Discourse in Mental Health,” “Whiteness in the Entertainment Industry,” “Writing It White,” “Asian Does Not Start With A+,” “Colorism,” “Confederate Monuments,” “It’s Not Us, It’s Them,” “White Supremacy in Government Representatives,” “Redlining,” “The Spin,” “Got Privilege,” “No Human Left Behind,” “Puerto Rico & Whiteness,” and “Build Bridges Not Walls.”

The forum is an annual event at Cal State, and it’s been going on for fifteen years.

The event kicked off with student poems. One student’s poem said black Americans are mistreated while white people “get a pass.” She also called Africa “the greatest country in the world.”

Students creating the booths maintained that racism dominates our country.

The College Fix reports:

For 15 years and “going strong,” this annual forum has taken place as a part of Professor Dreama Moon’s “Communication of Whiteness” course, the scholar said as she kicked off the two-hour event inside a large multipurpose room […] 

Among the topics students broached: mental health services favor whites, media coverage is biased against people of color, Hollywood stereotyping, racism in the military, and real estate practices that favor whites, according to their projects.

The forum kicked off at noon with two spoken poems performed by students in the class who took the opportunity to express frustration with whiteness.

One of the performers, a female African American student, called Africa “the greatest country in the world, where we all once originated.” Her poem went on: “On a daily basis I am seen as a threat, but you get a pass because you’re white.”

“I am an African American and by my people and country I stand,” she continued. “I identify not with the equality of America, but with the ‘We The People.’”

Another student’s poem offered similar sentiments: “Whiteness thrives on the hate of everyone. Realize we are all pawns in this chess game. Every day is a day to challenge whiteness.”

As the young women spoke their poems with passion, Professor Moon, who is white, stood nearby and watched with a smile. After the performances, Moon encouraged the crowd to interact with her students and learn about “white supremacy.”

Among the booths were “Anti-Racist Discourse in Mental Health,” which says there’s a huge stigma in this country against people with mental illnesses. More specifically, there’s a stigma for mentally ill black people. According to the booth, white people with mental problems are treated with sensitivity and enjoy a scientific portrayal of their disorders, while black people are mistreated and simply deemed “crazy.”

Several other posters accused many other aspects of American life of oppression through “whiteness.”

The College Fix continues:

Another poster board labeled “Whiteness in the Entertainment Industry” depicted different films and television shows in which white actors had been cast in roles that some believe should have been portrayed by people of color. The students also accused Hollywood of stereotyping, citing as an example Sophia Vergara’s “hypersexualized” character on “Modern Family.”

At the “Writing It White” display, student creators accused the media of racial bias.

“Since newsrooms are largely white, ethnocentrism and unconscious stereotyping by whites produce positive images of Caucasians and negative images of people of color,” the display stated. The display also argued that headlines tend to go easier on white criminals.

A “hypersexualized” character is racist?

Now wait a second. I thought leftists were opposed to the social norms that supposedly control and repress natural human sexuality. I thought liberals wanted to break free of the chains of unfair, outdated moral restrictions that demonize free love.

Take it or leave it, I suppose liberals just can’t be pleased.

Here’s a look at some of the other booths:

Is whiteness lurking in every corner, ruining America?

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