Woman Who Said Hobby Lobby Cotton Decoration Is Racist Speaks Out After Widespread Backlash

Let the people speak! Come one! Come all! Let the ignorant people speak!

Because, after all, that seems to be the only people we hear from anyways. No?

Remember the horribly racist decoration found at Hobby Lobby?

Yes, the horribly “racist” decoration of raw cotton available, for sale, to display in a vase, on a table…like you would any fake flower, foliage, thing that grows from the Earth.

How could they? *Eye roll* *Groan* *Exasperation*

Not surprisingly, when Daniell Rider shared a picture of this “racist display” she received affirmation from ignorant people and challenges by those who decide to employ sense.

One, for example, responded to her Facebook post by commenting, “Ummm…it’s cotton…wtf. do you know some slaves in 2017 that picked this cotton and didn’t get paid for it. Just… stop.”

Because that apparently wasn’t enough, Rider is speaking out…again!

Speaking out against those who are speaking out against her for speaking out.

Are you exhausted yet? Because I am. What does Rider have to say to her critics?

According to The Blaze, Rider “had no idea her post would become one of the most shared and discussed stories of the week.” She told a local news station:

that cotton isn’t an art decoration, but rather a symbol of oppression of black people in America.

She explained: “I wasn’t trying to be divisive. If I was trying to be divisive I would’ve talked about the world, talking about race relations. I am a consumer talking to a retailer. And, all I said was I found something offensive.”

Rider also explained that she has been inundated with death threats since her post went viral.

“It’s no longer about the raw cotton. The cotton is off the shelf, but the racism remains there.”

Simply, Rider said that she does not regret the post, but reiterated her claim that she didn’t intend to be divisive.

“I’m still gonna be happy, and I’m still gonna make a change in the world,” she said.

Yeah. That’s right. She’s still going to make a change in the world by shopping at craft stores, posting ridiculously ignorant pictures and comments on various social media platforms, and complaining.

She WILL keep shopping.

She WILL keep posting.

Her posts WILL be seen.

She WILL be heard.

She WILL make sure that all craft stores have politically-correct decorations.

And that ALL crafts are created equal.

Wow. That’s some powerful….stuff. Next thing you know, we will see her kneel before a Hobby Lobby. Refusing to stand and walk around.

Nope, not her. Not now. Not during this time of racial oppression.

She refuses to stand and walk through Hobby Lobby! Give me a motorized cart! I sit with Kaepernick.

When will these escapades end?

The issue is not that racial injustice has disappeared. There are certainly people and events who have contributed to racial hate…

But is decorative raw cotton the issue? No!

Is the American flag the issue? No!

Are ignorant, whiny liberals the issue…Maybe!

What do you think of all of these protests? Somebody please tell me I’m not crazy!