Shockingly Unbelievable Hypocrisy of Women’s March NRA Protesters

When Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group “Moms Demand Action” decided to stage an anti-NRA publicity stunt by walking from the headquarters of the NRA in suburban Washington to the District, they let their hypocrisy shine.

Their walk – coordinated with the leftist “Women’s March” group – had several key points they wanted the media to push. Some of them?

  • The NRA hates women
  • The NRA are a bunch of white bigots
  • Guns are bad (of course)
  • “No one is safe unless everyone is safe” (this was actually a sign and it’s as meaningless as a slogan gets)

And my personal favorite:

  • “Real Men Don’t Need Guns”

Leading the march was Linda Sarsour, a Muslim leftist who infamously invoked a “legal jihad” against her critics.

As these ladies were marching – and proclaiming how evil guns were, people noticed something – they were being protected by men with guns.

That’s right. These women – who wave signs telling us that “Real men don’t need guns” are being protected by men (who certainly appear real) with guns, protecting them.

This kind of leftist hypocrisy is nothing new. Sarsour and Michael Bloomberg and the other gun control fanatics routinely proclaim that you – average Americans – should be forced to surrender your Constitutional right to self-defense while they are permitted to walk surrounded by armed security to protect them.

After wandering into Washington, a few hundred of these leftist women are going to spend some time waving signs and shouting anti-gun nonsense in front of the Department of Justice building.

I’m pretty sure they’ll be protected by plenty of armed security then, too.

H/T: TownHall