Why You’ll Never Hear Democrats Talk About ‘Free Trade School’

Brittany Soares writes the American Dream has always been the idea that if you work hard, you can live happy and successful lives. In the beginning, those lives would usually consist of going to college, getting a well-paying job, and owning a house to raise your loving family in.

Now, according to a group of millennials Buzzfeed interviewed, it means something a little different.

The group ranges from speaking of the American Dream as nonexistent, to having nice traditional ideas of how they would love to live it, to be being condescending about the idea and bashing their home country (including police officers, of course).

Jacqueline Thomas

Tomi Adesokan

Jonathan Ma

Leslie Rodriguez

Justin O’Connell

Brianna Holt

AnaMaria Glavan

Morgan Steffes

Kristen Brown

Jason Sweeten

Emily Clements

Kyle Davis

Steven Turrisi

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